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How to be successful at online PR

How to be successful at online PR

1. Google News

Google News is one of the most overlooked sources for web traffic online, especially as they have more than enough users to significantly boost your sites traffic once you're listed.

To be included, you need a regularly updated news site (updated at least a few times a week for the past three months). Google will look at your overall site and decide if it's the type of the site they will want to include news from.

Articles submitted on your site do not have to be huge, generally in the 400-600 word range, but they must be well written and grammatically correct. Sloppy writing and grammar will not make the cut.

Also make sure that you have multiple writers on your website; Google may ask for proof that you have more than one writer.

Remember to use plenty of images with your listing. Those listings which have an image accompanying the link will get far more clicks that those with plain text links.

2. Sending out press releases

In 2003, released a report about online newsrooms indicating that 92 percent of journalists go online to research stories.

In fact, 81 percent say they search online daily. If you don’t already have an online PR program in place, it means that you are missing priceless opportunities to get your company’s name in front of your single greatest public relations ally - the media.

Sending out a press release through PR web direct will get you listed on the following websites: 

You will also be likely to get listed on dozens of sites that reprint press releases from these sources to provide content for themselves.

Make sure your press release features your business name prominently. Once those press releases are archived on the PR companies' sites and crawled and indexed by the search engines (a process that usually takes a few weeks at most) they often occupy 3 or 4 of the spots on the first page or two in Google.

Map keywords to the press release like you would map keyword phrases to a web page. Use keywords in the title, sub title and in the body copy of the release.

Make sure your press release stands out; don't be afraid to make them controversial. The more eye-catching they are, the more readers you will get.

3. Digg and other community-driven websites is a community-driven news site. The idea is that you submit articles from your website which the users will wither 'digg' or 'bury' depending on how they rate it.

Stories with the most Diggs end up on the front page. Sites that get their story on the front page can get up to 50,000 hits on their page in one day.

Although your site will gain huge amounts of traffic, it will not necessarily convert into revenue. Digg users will not explore the rest of your site or sign up for any newsletters.

The real value of the traffic from Digg is indirect. It comes from the huge amount of visitors who will mention your article in their blogs and link to you. It is these links which will help your article, and whole site, rank higher in search engines.

Other social media sites include:

4. Profiles on other sites

Any website that you can create an account on will work. An Amazon reviewer’s account is a good example, making sure you use your business name as your account name.

As the review pages are sub-pages of the Amazon goliath, they tend to rank pretty highly in search engines, especially for non-competitive keywords such as business names.

Other sites such as Myspace, Friendster, Flickr and Geocities are good examples of websites where you can create your own profile.

Be careful with websites such as myspace, however. So many companies have profiles that users can become irritated with getting add requests from another company they have never heard of.

On social networking sites, try to only add people who have interests which match your company.

Be sure to use your business name as the page title, user name or blog name.

5. Reputation management

Basically, reputation management (online) is the business of monitoring what the marketplace is saying about your brand.

It also means responding to situations before they run out of control. Venues include blogs, discussion threads, forums and social networking sites.

A simplistic formula is to allocate a proportion of resources to reputation management in relation to how important your brand is to your overall business.

Monitoring how consumers talk about your brand can provide early warning signs for product or service issues as well as promotion opportunities that can be leveraged.

Companies can start by subscribing to RSS feeds of search results on their company name from blog and news search engines, set up a Google Alerts account or use the BlogPulse conversation tracker.

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