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Skincare goes natural

Skincare goes natural

Food ingredients like grapes, wine and yoghurt have expanded into the health & beauty market this summer as new product marketers used healthful foods and drinks for inspiration.

Datamonitor’s Productscan Online database of new products shows companies also found new ways to make products more portable than ever, a development which should please travellers and frequent fliers.

Grapes and yogurt for the skin?

Grapes are the raw material for wine, but who says they can’t have other uses? Certainly not Texas-based Caudalie who recently launched Caudalie Exfoliating Scrubs in France. Crushed cabernet grapes and merlot grapes are found in the company’s new line of exfoliating scrubs, contained in jars and sold in a 3 pack.

But sometimes grapes just aren’t enough. Wine itself can only do as is the case with new Payven Food Mask. New to the market in China, this skin care product is made from extracted food essences and comes in varieties like Rice-wine Shrinking Pore and Black Plum Moisturizing. The food ingredients are said to “contribute to skin nutrition.”

Sun care would seem to be a new market for yogurt and that is indeed the case with Korres Refreshing After Sun Care with Yogurt, which is new in France. Free of mineral oil and silicon, the yogurt-based product is described as a cooling gel that may be just the ticket for curing those summer vacation and holiday sunburns.

Leave the liquids at home

Summer travel means airplanes packed to the gills with weary travelers, long lines through security checkpoints and the pleasures of handling heavy baggage.
One way to ease the burden is an innovative new line of personal care products from London, UK-based Natural Products Ltd. New to American consumers are Natural Products Dissolving Shaving Paper and Dissolving Paper Shampoo.

Both are in the dissolving strip format popularized by breath fresheners and each is a clever work-around for the tedious carry-on baggage restrictions for liquids and gels faced by travelers.

No niche is too small

You have to give credit where credit is due, and packaged goods makers keep finding ingenious new ways to target new groups of consumers. For Clarins, it means coming up with a new product for the most pollution adverse consumers. The firm’s new Clarins Expertise 3p is said to offer the most advanced protection against all forms of pollution.

This includes protection against magnetic pollution via a “magnetic defense complex.” It is new in Europe, the USA and Asia.

A New You Hair Removal Cream from Sor, Inc. chalks up another first as a new product aimed squarely at cross-dressing, transgender and transvestite men. The “fresh-smelling” hair removal cream is made using all natural ingredients, can be used with other hormone therapy and is aimed at removing unwanted male body hair. It is new in the USA.

Bald men have more products to choose from

Another niche gaining attention is bald men. Bald can be beautiful, but going hair-free has its own special issues. Mibelle with its new sun cream for bald headed men offers a new way to keep that bald scalp beautiful.

The company’s Sun Look Sun Mousse is available in factor 10 and is to be applied to the scalp, as well as hairier parts of the body. The product, which has been launched in France, Germany and Switzerland, is said to be non-sticky and easily absorbed into the skin.

Not only do bold men have a special cream, they have also been greeted with a razor specifically designed for shaving the head. Headblade Sport from HeadBlade Company resembles a toy car and can either become men’s best friend or worst enemy.

Its investors claim it to be the only triple blade razor designed uniquely for this use. The wheels are designed to make shaving the head easier and more accurate as they 'glide' over the head's contours.

Turning to mother nature  Marketing strategy or genuine benefits?

A healthy concern for the environment is something that goes beyond the food and beverage industries. Personal care makers are also turning green by turning to organic formulations.

Recent Datamonitor research found out that the organics personal care market in the UK stood at £6.5 million in 2001, rising to £8.9 million in 2006.

This is forecast to grow to reach £11.9 million by 2011. In light of this, the launch of the following products in the Pacific area could be the start of a trend to spread across the globe.

The Indonesian market saw Shu Uemura Depsea Water Mist land on its shelves. Containing over 60 minerals present in the deep sea (320 meters below sea level) water used here, the product is sprayed onto the body to provide a relaxing and refreshing therapy. As it is lightly scented, the spray could catch on as a more therapeutic kind of perfume.

Water is water, or is it? Not when it comes from the most famous landmark in Japan. Mount Fuji snow melt is the source of the water used in Tokoroten No Namida Facial Moisturizer. This potentially enhances the marketability of the product through the use of water from a source that has special meaning to Japanese consumers.

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