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How to use Google’s new ‘Enhanced Campaigns’

How to use Google’s new ‘Enhanced Campaigns’

By Alistair Dent, head of PPC, Periscopix 

Google has announced a significant change in its AdWords campaigns. No longer will your ads target people by what device they’re using, but by their situation. Consumers will see the most relevant ads based on what they’re doing, rather than on their device.

Devices are converging. The difference in performance of a laptop or a desktop computer is negligible. Tablets are becoming as powerful as laptops. And even the difference between a mobile and a tablet is blurring (compare the Galaxy Note with an iPad Mini, for example).

Google knows, pretty much, whether you’re at work, or at home. Unless you’re blocking cookies, if you login regularly from two places each day, and you spend roughly eight hours at one and 10 hours at another, Google can assume that those two places are work and home. If you’re anywhere else, you’re ‘out’  – and you’ll want different results.

For example, you might be searching for ‘TopShop’. You might be at home (or at work), browsing the web for ideas for inspiration for a new outfit. But if you’re out and about, the chances are you’re looking for your nearest store. You’ll want a different kind of search result.

Advertisers need to respond to these situations. There are about six months to change your campaigns, and here are some of the things to consider:

Building your campaign

Google is taking away much of the device targeting (by mobile or by tablet) from campaigns. A keyword that you want to run on a mobile must also run on other devices. Build a campaign that runs across devices. Think of mobile as a situation, not a device, and select ‘mobile preferred’ ads and mobile bid multipliers for the ads that fit that situation.

This means changes to your campaign structure. Campaigns will be built around performance, rather than device. Separate out mobile keywords into a separate campaign to optimise their performance.

Consider location in your bidding strategy

Under this new system, you can set your bidding higher or lower based on where someone is searching from. You can differentiate between someone who’s on the move, and someone whose office or home is close to you. So if you’re advertising a restaurant to someone who’s out and about, it makes sense to bid higher for people who are within a mile of your location, than someone who’d have to travel for miles to get to you.

Check your ad extensions

Ad extensions don’t always apply in the same way to every part of your campaign, and you might need to split out a campaign that, for example, uses an ad extension to only apply at a certain time of day. Ad extensions will become easier to use, and reporting has been improved.

Adjust your budget

Because you can’t just run ads on mobiles any more, the cost-per-click of mobile ads is likely to go up. Make sure you’re bidding effectively, and with the right budget.

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