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Nivea For Men gets personal through its F-commerce campaign

Nivea For Men gets personal through its F-commerce campaign


Award-winning skincare brand Nivea launched a campaign in 2011 to encourage women to buy Nivea For Men products as Christmas gifts for males through their Facebook store. The real novelty was that the products could be sent out in specially designed gift-wrap that incorporated images of the recipient and sender, taken from the recipient’s Facebook account.

SAY Media was approached by Carat, Nivea’s media planning agency, to raise awareness of Nivea For Men products and the Facebook store to the required target audience (women, aged 25 to 54), and help drive sales in the run up to Christmas.


The goal was to create an engaging online ad built around the Nivea For Men advertising campaign based on the brand winning FHM magazine’s Grooming Award for best product in 2011 for the eighth year in a row. 

Not only was it important for the ad to draw attention to the quality of the product in this way, but it also had to introduce the product range and drive consumers to Facebook to purchase a Nivea For Men gift. It was also vital for the online ad to reach the required female demographic.


SAY Media developed an online ad using its proprietary AdFrames display unit and browser takeover concepts. This involved enticing online consumers using the AdFrames product, which when rolled over opened up a full-screen window featuring the portfolio of Nivea For Men products displayed around a video of the TV ad, along with an invitation to visit the Facebook store.

The full-page nature of the takeover concept creates a more engaging environment, while providing ample space for numerous points of interaction. Meanwhile, the original site remains visible in the background, reassuring viewers that they are just one click away from their original content.

In this instance, viewers could interact with the Nivea For Men product images to gain more information about each item without leaving the full-screen window.

SAY placed the Nivea for Men ad unit across its premium network, specifically targeting sites with the appropriate audiences demographic.


The SAY Media campaign for Nivea achieved its goals of increasing brand awareness, creating desire for the product, driving traffic to the Facebook store and keeping users engaged in order to improve brand stickiness.

In less than two weeks (leading up to Christmas), this ad unit delivered over 100% of contracted engagements (360,000), where viewers intentionally interacted with the online ad, and almost 11,000 click-throughs to Facebook.

The fully customised AdFrames display unit and age/gender targeting delivered more than 29 million free impressions. This resulted in a strong engagement rate (number of engagements as a percentage of impressions) of 1.2% and a click-to-site rate (number of click-throughs as a percentage of engagements) of 3% – that’s three times the industry average. Particularly impressive was the average time each viewer spent with the ad, which stood at 27.52 seconds in comparison to the industry average of 18.6 seconds.

“We were very happy with these results given the short time scale of the campaign,” said Lawrence Horne, Account Director at SAY Media. “In the end, almost 11,000 consumers were driven to the Facebook store in a short period of time before Christmas, which is the equivalent of a tremendous retail footfall.”

The key to success of this ad unit was the ability to show a gallery of all the Nivea For Men products together through SAY’s browser takeover full screen concept, which drove up the click-to-site rate. The large range of options created a ‘window shopping’ effect delivering plenty of choice for the consumers, allowing them to make more informed buying decisions.

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