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Families can provide employee motivation

Families can provide employee motivation

By Julie Rosehill (pictured), sales director, The Voucher Shop

Employee motivation schemes are most effective when the process of earning the reward and the reward itself align with the employee’s lifestyle rather than have to be grafted on to it.

Accordingly those who design schemes tend to look at the profile of a company’s staff and, to a greater or lesser extent, they tailor the reward to the individual or to the common denominator of staff tastes.

But, after a while, if this approach is applied often, it is easy for the schemes to become repetitive and less effective. New or different angles are necessary.

How about, for instance, appealing to the employee’s need or desire to please their family by giving the chance to earn a reward that the family can enjoy?

So what do families want? The husband or wife may appreciate a relaxing weekend break or a meal for two, whereas the children may be looking for the current hot PlayStation 3 game.

The key is in the communications; to produce e-shots, mailers and posters which, in some way, suggest – “Think how happy your family will be if you earn an incentive reward that they will enjoy!” 

But, while the age and interests of employees can vary greatly, the tastes of their families can vary enormously.

Choosing a gift voucher as a means of reward provides the power of choice for not just the individual but also the whole family. Especially if a broad and interesting choice of vouchers is provided as with The Voucher Shop.

The most important element is that the voucher should ideally be spent on a treat or special purchase rather than the weekly shopping.

For an employee to receive the more traditional bonus in the form of a little bit extra in the annual pay packet, as is frequently the case, doesn’t necessary mean that the family of the employee will ultimately benefit from this reward.

More often than not this reward is usually swallowed up by the individual in paying bills such as the mortgage, credit cards and utility bills.

For an employee’s family to see the benefits of the fruits of his or her labour will have a positive effect on the employee’s motivational levels.

Let the family be the motivating force to inspire your team!

The Voucher Shop is one of the leading providers of vouchers in the incentives, rewards and flexible benefits market sectors.

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