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How to develop communications for a new mass market product launch

How to develop communications for a new mass market product launch

By Paul Marchant, Owner, Trumpet London

You’ve identified a need in the market. You’ve translated this to your business idea. Through your hard work and endeavors you have now brought your product / service to life. You know your product, you know your target audience, the pricing is set and the distribution is in place.  Everything is now ready for the hard launch and communication to market.

It’s launch time

At this point your marketing communications strategy needs to kick in with an effective outreach programme. Think of marketing as a rope, made up on many different strands, which in this case could represent creative strategy translated to advertising (both on and offline), DM, media strategy, PR and so on.  

As I run and own an advertising and ideas agency, Trumpet London, I will concentrate on messaging and outreach via consumer facing media.

Messaging & creative strategy

This is the interpretation of your product or service unique selling point. Whether we are talking advertising or direct marketing we need to get the core idea right. This core idea is what all your marketing pieces will fall out of.  It should display the benefit your product / service offers to a consumer in an engaging and emotive manner so that the communications demand action.  

In this first stage of development it is ideal to strip this right back so that it can work as a poster format.  If in one glance you can communicate your offering, you have unveiled the strength of the idea.  All other communications pieces extend from this, such as: DM, press, online, email marketing etc.

It’s worth bearing in mind, that if there has been some ‘market noise’ around your type of product / service, and there is a clear consumer desire and perception of what it does and the benefit it brings, your communications will be more successful if you mirror this noise in your messaging to leverage additional impact.    

Outreach - media

Knowing your target audience will enable effective planning of your media.

Budget is hugely important, particularly at this stage, as this is where the majority of a marketing budget would go.  The size of the budget available will impact the type and choice of media lay down. It is important to understand what you want your media and your communications to do – this will effect how the plan is treated.   

In this instance as we are talking about launching a new mass market product / service with the core requirement of communicating its USP and generating response, I would recommend looking at media with a mass market coverage with a proven track record in response, i.e. not posters!  

When correctly selected, strong ATL media will both raise awareness of your product / service and generate responses.  Working in tandem to this, we would also recommend using online social media to build tribes and generate a ground swell of opinion and positive attitude through debate and discussion online.

I’m aware that the information given in this article is a little generic as each product or service has its own unique requirements, but it is my hope that it will be useful to anyone working on a project to launch.

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