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How to be a truly innovative marketing genius

How to be a truly innovative marketing genius

Scroll down to the end of the article for a free download of Peter's book, Little Book of Genius.

Marketing injects the customer insight and creative thinking that gives business its edge. However it must combine this with the analytical and commercial rigour that drives strategy, innovation and profitable growth.

The genius of marketing lies in the ability to connect outside and inside, markets and business, customers and shareholders, creativity and analysis, promises and reality, today and tomorrow. From Apple to Agent Provocateur, Jet Blue to Jones Soda, marketing is a living, evolving practice.

Genius marketers, like Einstein and Picasso, apply intelligence in more imaginative ways. They use their left and right brains to seize the best opportunities, to stand out from the crowd and to lead the business.

This free, downloadable book, "The Little Book of Genius" brings together some of the best insights and ideas from the bestselling "Genius" series of books by inspirational author Peter Fisk.

Fisk spoke earlier this year at our MI EXPO event, delivering an inspiring session in which he talked about the 7 Habits of Marketing Innovation. You can read more about Fisk's ideas by clicking on the download button below.

Tickets are now on sale for MI EXPO 2012. Marketing innovation is what sets you apart from your competitors and gives you the edge.  With an ever changing array of innovative marketing techniques and new tools emerging into the market, organisations are constantly left confused and overwhelmed.

MI EXPO will help you recognise which technology driven trends you should be adopting and which are just a marketing fad and better left ignored.

MI EXPO will showcase the innovative marketers, technology providers, and tools that will explode in 2012.  The conference will bring a spotlight on the marketing innovation “must haves” to achieve success. 

You can find out all about MI EXPO 2012 here.

And in the meantime, here are Fisks's top ten tips on how to be a marketing genius:

1. Be original - Spreadsheets help you focus and optimize, but you need creativity to stand
out and move forwards.

2. Redefine markets - Think in terms of customer solutions rather than being blinkered by
traditional boundaries.

3. Value not volume - Don’t be a slave to market share, there is often more value in niches than
mass markets.

4. Be different - Advantage starts with your value discipline – do you offer best products,
best relationships or best price?

5. About you not us - Redefine brands in terms of what you do for customers, rather than what
you do.

6. Propositions not products - Sell propositions based around customer benefits rather than products.

7. Stories not slogans - Engage people in more relevant narratives that establish context and

8. Networks not channels - Connect with physical and virtual communities, collaborating and enabling
them to do more.

9. Value-based marketing - Focus on markets, segments and products that create the most economic
value long term.

10. New marketers - Work across the business as customer champions, business innovators and
growth drivers.

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