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How to gain successful time management

How to gain successful time management

By Dan Evans (pictured) the Regional Director of the Yorkshire office of Priority Management International 

Focus on Your Priorities

How often have you arrived at work, opened your inbox and allowed a miscellany of newly arrived E-mails to dictate your day?

The problem is that you probably already had some other more important priorities that slipped because you chose to open your inbox first!

Graduates of Priority’s Working Smart suite of programs have found by first opening to their 'Calendar', they can more effectively focus on their own priorities and make better decisions when they go to their inbox

Here’s how:

Outlook Users
1. Click on Tools, Options.
2. Click on the Other tab
3. Click Advanced Options.
4. In the Start up in this Folder window select Calendar.
5. Click OK to save and click OK on the Options  screen.

Later versions of Outlook don’t necessarily display the TaskPad.

- To display this in Outlook 2003: Click View; Click Task Pad

- To display in Outlook 2007: Click View, Daily Task  List
Select Arrange By, By Start Date

- Lotus Notes Users: You can create your own Welcome Page that brings together information that is important to you from Notes

To create a new Welcome page, do one of the following:
From the Lotus Notes setup page, click Click here to create a new Welcome Page.

1. From the current Welcome Page, click the top border of the Welcome Page that says Click here for more Welcome Page options, then click the Create a new Welcome Page button.

2. Use the Welcome Page wizard to set up your Welcome Page. Ensure it includes your Calendar and your ‘To Dos’.

GroupWise 7 users now have the Home View to help focus on priorities. Unfortunately earlier versions open to the Mailbox.

At Priority Management, we recommend upon opening GroupWise go straight to the Calendar where the Calendar, Tasks and Notes are displayed.

Don’t Lose the Plot! Do One Thing at a Time

It’s quite normal to feel a time crunch – that is, lots to do and just not enough time to do it… BUT trying to tackle lots of things at the same time just doesn’t work. Indeed, it has now been shown that hopping from task to task just doesn’t work and it often makes things worse by severely affecting your emotional and physical health.

Even driving and talking on a hands-free mobile phone is unsafe!

If you attempt to juggle that important email, tomorrow’s meeting agenda, while looking at a year’s worth of to-do’s on your desktop – you’ll soon ‘lose the plot’ and end up achieving very little of worth.

1. At the end of each work day, decide the 3-5 important things to accomplish tomorrow.

2. Block out a period of time (9:00 – 10:00 a.m. works for me) when you commit to doing these tasks-one at a time.

3. Guard this time by telling your colleagues not to disturb you and don’t cheat by checking your email every 5 minutes!

You will notice two things happen. Firstly, you’ll enjoy what you’re doing a lot more and second; you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in this time.

Priority’s training is always on plot!

Priority Management's Time Management courses have been designed to give business people the practical skills to become efficient and effective, ensuring you understand and focus on the activities that matter – and we have taught HBOS, Cisco and even Microsoft themselves a thing or two!

We call our course Working Smart - it helps you get the time and the priorities right - and go home on time with all the important actions completed.

A practical, hands on approach is used to teach the skills which influence personal productivity and best practice behaviours.

Using Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and paper based tools, you will learn a system of simple techniques and disciplines that can be used to achieve long term effective management skills. 

Visit the Working Smart page at to find out more about Priority and Time Management.

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