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E-commerce infographics - five of the best

By Lucinda Southern, junior reporter, UTalkMarketing

Like with so many digital technology advancements, it takes some time to fully recognise the potential that they offer. Nothing demonstrates this clearer than the fact that e-commerce first emerged in 1979.

Understandably this explosion onto the web space would have taken an extremely primitive form. Nonetheless Michael Aldrich’s invention marks the early precursor for the process that we go through when we order anything from our PC.

Currently this process is naturally evolving into other online platforms, incorporating social and mobile technology.

This week we've examined the pictoral depiction of online shopping. These five infographics highlight clearly some of the benefits of e-commerce, why we're captured by it, and points to what the future holds.


The state of social commerce

What better way to headline a snappy infographic than with this quote from internet guru Mark Zuckerberg. Impossible to ignore, this graphic takes digestible statistics to grab your attention, just to prove - in case you were in any doubt - that e-commerce is gathering momentum, sweeping up the big brand names in its wake.

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Operation e-commerce: A game of dissecting the best e-commerce software

Taking inspiration from the popular childrens' board game, Operation e-commerce tackles head on what every new internet venture is concerned with: how personal their product or service appears. Incorporate these features and presumably you have the model for a perfect e-commerce service.

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How much is a Facebook fan worth?

This diagram asks one of the current hot topic questions: are there any benefits in a brand setting up a Facebook page? Does the click of a 'like' button transcend into actual revenue? Enlarge the link to find out.

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How people are shopping online

What makes the online consumer tick? What encourages, influences and affects their e-commerce spend? Convenience accounts for a certain amount, but this infogram reveals a lot more factors are at work.

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How colour affects purchase

It's no breaking news that good marketing relies on being subliminal. What is surprising is how even the little things effect our online purchase, as this insightful - and colourful - diagram demonstrates.

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