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Apple's iPad boosts our Work, Rest and Play, says Seven Data

Apple's iPad boosts our Work, Rest and Play, says Seven Data

The iPad is increasing business productivity and changing the way we do business on the move.

According to the latest data released today, from Seven’s ‘Generation i’ survey, iPad owners who use the device for business say they spent more time working since they got their iPad (up 10% net). Despite 80% of business users of the iPad also owning a smartphone. Over a third (35%) of iPad business users use the device when commuting and 40% use it when travelling for business.

Since they bought their tablet, iPad business users are using laptops less. Use of laptops among this audience is down 41%, compared to non-business iPad users, (who have seen a net drop of 32%).

Business iPad owners are also more likely than non-business iPad owners to have paid for the following types of app: Books (29% of business users have paid vs 25% of non-business users), Productivity (26% vs 11%), News (19% vs 10%), Travel (13% vs 8%), Utilities (24% vs 14%), Reference (19% vs 14%), and Education (14% vs 9%).

Workers don’t just use their iPad for work, though – 26% mainly use the tablet for functional tasks, but a lot more (40%) say they are more inclined to use it for entertainment. Good news for publishers targeting the business audience – 61% of iPad owners who use the device for business say they are interested in reading magazines on their tablet, compared to 45% of iPad owners who don’t use the iPad for business. With 21% of business iPad owners having downloaded a paid-for iPad magazine, compared to the non-business user average of 10%, the research is encouraging for publishers looking to extend the reach of existing print titles.

However, this may be due to the fact that apps from titles such as the FT can be put on company expenses. Free magazine apps are proving more popular with business users of the tablet too, with 41% having downloaded an iPad magazine app for free, compared to the non-business user average of 25%. Despite their lack of time, business users of the iPad have embraced digital magazines more than non-business users. The survey reveals that those who have read interactive magazines on their iPad, as well as in print format, are more likely than non-business users (54% vs 45%) to prefer reading content on their iPad vs. print.

Even better news for b2b brands is that 86% of iPad owners who use the device for business say they would be likely to download a branded app from one of the companies they do business with, if it was free and non-subscription. In fact, 66% of iPad owners who use the device for business agree that "companies with iPad apps are innovative," with just 5% disagreeing. These are some of the new business user insights from Seven’s ‘Generation i’ survey.

Conducted by YouGov, chosen by Seven for their recognised authority on iPad research, the survey reached a total of 1,007 UK iPad owners, making it one of the first detailed surveys of UK iPad owners’ content usage. The data for free and paid-for apps by genre suggests that consumers are most prepared to pay for productivity apps that make working life simpler, business apps and games.

Kevin Sutherland, Director of Strategy at Seven said: “The recent findings from our ‘Generation i’ survey demonstrate that the device is changing the way we work on the move, as commuters choose their iPads over their laptops, thanks to its ease of use, functionality and wide range of apps aimed at boosting productivity. The results also show that business users are more likely to read branded content on their iPad, including interactive magazines and branded apps, particularly if they are from a company they do business with.”


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