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drc launches maternity coaching for marketing directors

drc launches maternity coaching for marketing directors

Top executive coaching consultancy drc are offering a unique “maternity coaching” programme for high flying female marketing directors.

This is in response to new government legislation that came into effect in April 2007. It is acknowledged that the marketing industry has a problem.

There are a higher percentage of women working in the industry as opposed to other professions.

However, there is an acknowledged “glass ceiling”, with the higher proportion of women not been represented at management and ownership level. Industry commentators believe this problem is related to the lack of professional support for top level female directors.

The new law raised the maternity entitlement for pregnant working women from 26 to 39 weeks leave regardless of their length of service within an organisation.

It is believed that this extension in the amount of time off has resulted in more women staying away from the office for longer – making it harder for women to reengage successfully in their job after they have had their baby.

This represents a challenge to progressive organisations who wish women to be fully represented at the most senior levels within their management structure. Many women who take maternity leave find that returning to the workplace is difficult given the pressures and stresses they encounter.

Loss of confidence, lack of up-to-date knowledge, and changes to self-image are all common complaints of professional women returning to work. Many women do not return, and maternity is often cited as one of the reasons for the perceived “glass ceiling” preventing women rising above a certain level of seniority in business.

In response, drc, an all-female executive coaching consultancy which provides coaching for senior executives in companies such as M&S, HBOS and the Mosaic Fashions Group has announced “maternity coaching” that supports senior female businesswomen before, during and after maternity.

This collaborative service aims to improve outcomes for both women in senior roles and for the organisations that employ them.

The drc coach partners the senior businesswoman from announcement of the pregnancy to the business, through planning for the maternity break, becoming a mother and finally the return to work.

Through their many years of experience, drc enable women to leave well, stay motivated, then re-engage with work successfully. Maternity coaching empowers working women to take responsibility for making their maternity positive both for themselves and their employer through one to one, confidential coaching sessions that offer the right support and the right challenge at the right time.

Trudi Ryan, founder of drc and one of the UK’s leading executive coaches, commented:

“You wouldn’t expect a top Olympic athlete to not receive continued mentoring and coaching, so why not a senior female executive responsible for overseeing million pound budgets and thousands of staff?”

She went on to say “We’ve developed this programme through our many years of experience working with senior women and supporting them through becoming a mum.

The great thing about maternity coaching is that everyone benefits. Businesses can be assured that their top female executives will have the best possible opportunity to re-engage with their work successfully after maternity, meaning they are less likely to incur the cost of having to recruit a replacement.

Women are enabled to manage the stress and disruption caused by an extended time away from work and the impact of maternity on their career prospects.”

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