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How to integrate online video and social media

How to integrate online video and social media

By Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO of Adjust Your Set

Brands are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to engage with their customers. The majority of brands now have their own Facebook pages, Twitter handles and YouTube channels to distribute product updates, share news and engage in two-way conversation with consumers. But what happens when you take two of the most powerful marketing platforms and combine them?


Everyone has an opinion about brands, love them or hate them we all have something to say. The problem the industry is facing at the moment is the amount of opinions out there, where they’re taking place and how to successfully use them in order to improve brand image.

Conversation has for some time been able to spread brand messages and improve consumer engagement. For example catchphrases were heard on every street corner a few years ago and were responsible for the success of many brands. Tangos “you’ve been tangoed” caught on to the point it was banned in the school playground. Social media has meant that those conversations can now be made in real-time and brands have to ensure they have a strategy in place to listen and engage in a meaningful way. We’ve seen and heard stories of brands who have underestimated the power of social media. Toyota for example suffered a backlash of negative comments when they failed to respond to customer concerns on social media.

Online video

YouTube is the Grandfather of online video. Started in 2005 it enabled the first uploading and sharing of video content across the internet. Now video has moved from bedroom geeks to boardroom level and the power of online video has exploded across our screens. Take for example BA’s CEO Willy Walsh. He now uses video to reach a broader customer base and made video addresses throughout the BA strike and Ash Cloud situation, saying he disagreed with the decision to close down British Airspace.

Recent Forrester research revealed that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words – that’s a lot of conversation! With its breadth and diversity video used correctly can establish a personal connection with a customer and showcase products in real-life scenarios.

A new partnership

Working in separate siloes both social media and online video can amplify a brands message. However combine the two and you create something entirely new and innovative. ‘Social video’ is a unique way for marketers to capture the sentiment from customers and embed this within video content. The power of social is undeniable; we’ve measured up to 50% higher engagement in video recommended by peers in Facebook than those found via search engines.

How do you combine them?

Step 1: Search through and capture the best and most relevant conversations taking place about your brand on Twitter, blogs, Facebook and even YouTube.

Step 2: Create a real-time flow of those conversations embedded into branded video content; whether that’s a drop-down box underneath the video or whether the conversations fly across the video screen in shapes and patterns.

Step 3: Make this available to your customer’s online, in-store, on mobiles and even outdoor broadcast platforms.


By finding the best conversations out there and amplifying them in a controlled way you’re effectively finding new and engaged brand advocates and validating your products. Embracing the integration of social media and video a brand is empowering the consumer’s voice so they’re essentially providing real-time reviews and recommendations for your brand. In an era of increasing consumer empowerment inviting them to join in the conversation is the next stage in brand advertising.

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