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Senses play a key role in shopping

Senses play a key role in shopping

A unique and fast growing Oxford based company advises brands all over the world on how to get customers more emotionally involved by appealing to all the senses.

45% of consumers say that smell is the most important sense when buying a product. And yet, 83% of all marketing and advertising spend is focussed on the eyes alone, leaving just 17% for all the other senses.

Do you ever feel bombarded by information overload and too much choice in the supermarket – your eyes just can’t take it all in? With so many companies offering so many new, improved or just repackaged products, how can you tell which one is best?

Do you tend to go back to the same old toothpaste that you always buy? A recent study carried out in WalMart in America revealed that sales actually went up when they stocked fewer varieties of jam. If you’re reading this after rushing round the supermarket on your way home from work, this may not come as a surprise.

“You’d be amazed at just how important it is for manufacturers of all kind of products and services to think about appealing to all the senses” comments Simon Harrop Executive Director of BRAND sense agency who set up the company after working in the multi-sensory field for 15 years,

“From toothpaste to jam or from cars to shoes, as human beings each one of us relies on a total sensory impression and an emotional feeling about the things we do or don’t choose to buy.”

After an in-depth and detailed 2 year global study of all kinds of products using thousands of researchers, BRAND sense agency are now working with leading psychologists from Oxford University and other internationally renowned leaders in their field using the very latest brain scanning technology to dig beneath the rational buying decisions and understand how the senses and emotions effect our buying patterns.

“We’re beginning to realise just how ineffective traditional advertising is at getting through to us” says Harrop. “Brands which understand the need to pull emotional strings by appealing to our senses, like taste, smell, touch and sound are the ones that are winning, especially in the shops.”

For example, a leading UK shampoo brand was able to increase sales by 35% just by encouraging shoppers to smell the fragrance of the shampoo. “In the past you had to sneakily flip the lid and take a sniff, half expecting the manager to throw you out, if you wanted to know how your hair was going to smell after washing it.”

In the BRAND sense study 44% of consumers said the sound of a car was an important factor in their choice and many claimed to be able to distinguish one car from another merely by the sound of the doors closing! “Car manufacturers know this and one in particular has 12 engineers dedicated to the sound of their cars. A 2 litre 6 cylinder engine is used across the whole range but is tuned differently so that it sounds “rorry” in their sports cars, powerful in the saloons and quiet in the limousines.”

“When companies are presented with all this information it’s amazing how many start to question the 83% spend on vision alone”.

Comments Harrop who is currently working with a number of superbrands and Fortune 500 companies. So next time you go shopping don’t just expect to be bored by the same old adverts, posters and special offers, you may well find your senses stimulated and tickled in more ways than you imagined.

Editors Note:

BRAND sense agency is an international consultancy that helps large and respected global firms unleash the power of all five senses (smell, taste, sound, touch and sight) within their brand planning and marketing communications. Current business thinking is too focused on the visual and audio elements of marketing.

BRAND sense agency have proved that engaging all the senses provides brands with a deeper emotional connection with their customers. This ultimately results in an increase in sales, loyalty and profitability.

Over the last five years, BRAND sense agency has worked with some of the world’s largest and most well recognised companies to help them re-focus their brand development and marketing activity

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