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How to use social media to drive online commerce

How to use social media to drive online commerce

Social media and social commerce are the buzz words in the United Kingdom and rapidly trending in the rest of the world. When paired with online sales, social media has found the right resources to make this combination as exciting as winning the lottery.

Here are my five top tips for using social commerce:

1. Engage with your fans
Social media plays a huge part in online commerce. To completely embrace the power of social media you need to engage with your fans, get them to ‘Like’, re-tweet and comment on wall posts to create a strong connection with your target audience.

2. Create direct connections with consumers by using social networks
It is possible track how social commerce is working by making direct connections with consumers on social networks, which in turn prompts them to return to your online store. When a consumer makes this purchase, their friends and colleagues will automatically know about it; if they get friends to buy the same product you can also offer incentives – what’s better than sharing an experience? A great tool for this is Hootsuite

3. Utilise the social media tools available
Social media tools offer internet users countless options for finding subjects of interest instantly and effortlessly. Rather than going through the, sometimes, boring searching through a search engines, they have now furthered their development to allow users to find what they are looking for by using key words and hastags that match up with real time ‘tweets’ or fan pages that share the same topic.  SocialMention will give you a very basic overview and allow you to set up alerts.

4. All media must be digital
By this I mean making sure that you can reach your target audience via their mobile phone. When thinking about making your media digital, you need to make sure that it is easily accessible and simple to use without taking any features away from your brand. Utilise YouTube and SlidShare to facilitate you videos, e-books, presentations etc.

5. Use ‘group buy’ and ‘flash sale’ to sell your product
To make sales through a social networking site, you need to make sure your product is heard about shared through the ever-expanding directory of social platforms. You can utilise the power of social buying by creating a time related special offer and/or a tiered pricing structure based upon how many friends someone can invite. Google deals now allows you to upload a daily deal, once you have selected your Google Places.

Imagine a Social Commerce world where every time a user makes a purchase it automatically sends through the experience to their social community and you get rewarded for it, imagine a world where you can simply use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to sign in and buy things.  Social shopping has arrived, enjoy the journey.

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