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How to measure true engagement with your brand

How to measure true engagement with your brand

I began considering the difficulties related to measuring brand engagement last weekend when I decided it was time to replace my old television set. Little did I realise the trauma this would incur. Where to start choosing, when there’s just so much choice?

First I go online, check comparison websites, read product reviews, making note of ‘best buys’, and paying even greater attention to ‘worst buys’. I also pop into the shop to have a look at the products – you can’t judge quality from a brochure. I’m parting with a lot of money, I need reassurance.

During the lengthy and torturous process that constitutes my TV buying decision, suppliers have multiple opportunities to engage with me and persuade me to choose them over their competitors. They need to ensure they approach me in the right way. But there are literally 1000’s of suppliers who want my custom. How does a brand get my attention and ensure I go through with a sale? Furthermore, how do they know if I’m engaged and then turn this engagement into action?


Each individual brand needs to identify engagement signals specific to them. Generally, the more two-way the dialogue, the more confident you can feel someone is engaged. This might be measured through the number of purchases, click-throughs from your digital newsletter or by how many Facebook fans you can claim. It’s up to your organisation to decide what works for you. In my quest for a TV I will give many frantic signals, brands must be able to identify these.


There then needs to be some way to measure this engagement. Frequency of interaction is one obvious variable as is depth of interaction. For instance, someone who opened an email, clicked through and redeemed a product voucher is more engaged than the customer who only opened the email. Defining a scale of ‘depth’ gives each potential interaction a weighting. As soon as I progress from reading reviews to ordering brochures my level of engagement is significantly increased.

Customer Insight

Customer insight is key; you need to be able to access all touch points to collect measurable signals of engagement which you can attribute to the individual. For instance, an increase in product reviews indicated more engagement. But, who is the reviewer and who reads them? This data should be translated into easily understood insight. Only if you can make sense of the data can you do anything with it.

Analysis and Action

By now you should have a pretty good idea of where the consumer’s interests lie. So, use this knowledge to send them the right messages and lure them in. Each person takes different routes to purchase, using different channels to get there - the challenge is to collate this information to work it to your advantage.

In the database world we are entering a period of transition: traditional relationship marketing databases need to become repositories for gathering all customer touch points and summarising this information into a meaningful format. Businesses then have access to hard facts about engagement levels and an understanding of how customers engage with the brand.
We can then refer back to the repository to find out who our engaged customers are, and whether they’re within our target groups. If not, what do we need to change about our media mix, creative, communication strategy to engage the right people?

Generating brand engagement relies on having enough available information for your organisation to be able to react quickly and effectively to the market, marshalling all resources and playing together as a team to get results.
Television manufacturers – take the hint.

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