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Top Tips for mobile marketing for global brands

Top Tips for mobile marketing for global brands

By Paul Berney, Mobile Marketing Association

This year’s Mobile Marketing Forum EMEA in London delivered on the association’s promise to inform, educate and inspire attendees by bringing together world-renowned speakers across a number of sectors from some of the largest global brands.

The likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Marks & Spencer, BMW, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and The Guardian were all on hand to share their views on changing consumer behaviour, marketing methods and the initiatives driving the channel forward.

Despite the plethora of ways that mobile marketers now can reach consumers, there are still some core values that should be followed to ensure the efficacy of any programme. This article provides a top level outline of tips that brands shared at the MMA Forum and that, if followed correctly, will help to ensure that a campaign is successful, on track and on budget.

10 factors to aid development and execution of a successful mobile marketing campaign:

1.    Brands need to understand that mobile has changed consumer mentality

This message was clear from the very first words of the opening speaker when Jude Brooks of Coca Cola stated, “Mobile marketing has fundamentally changed the way we connect and communicate with consumers.” She went on to explain that it was now essential for brands to understand and consider the changes that mobile has brought about in order to cater to growing consumer expectations.

The change was emphasised further by Jay Altschuler who revealed how Unilever’s 10-point media manifesto allowed their organisation to cater to evolving expectations and actually gave their audience a voice and a role within communications.

Consumers expect more, and any communications via the mobile device need to be cleverly targeted, of the utmost relevance and personalised in order to create loyalty and an emotional connection with the brand. Finally, Mark Havilland, CNN argued that a greater emphasis needs to be placed on ‘audience empowerment and incorporating audience ideas into the services provided’.

2.    ‘Consumer insight is essential’

This much hasn’t changed; consumer insight is still a vital part of the campaign planning process. AKQA’s Dan Rosen stated that consumer insight can be counter-intuitive, practical, radical, inspirational or social.  Moreover, Craig Sullivan, of Belron International stated it is essential that companies do not lose sight of the fact that ‘the customer is at the heart of it all, and truly knowing and using your customer is key to success’.

3.    It is (still) all about the idea

With a growing number of new technologies available it is possible to lose sight of the importance of basing a campaign on a great idea.  “Successful mobile marketing requires a great idea built on sound insight” said Jude Brooks of Coca-Cola.  

4.     The use of an integrated approach is vital

Although it may seem obvious, mobile should not be seen as an add-on to a campaign but rather be fully integrated into a company’s marketing strategy.  Bestbuy’s Tiffany Gerhardt highlighted how ‘usage increases when an integrated strategy is used’.

This was demonstrated in the company’s ‘Reward Zone Gamers Club’ initiative, in which mobile call to action was used in conjunction with other promotions.  Sibel Raif also emphasised the importance of using an integrated approach, detailing how Kraft ‘use mobile and then build other media elements around it’.  

5.    Be inclusive

‘A device agnostic approach should be used where possible, so companies can reach the target audience fully’ stated Philippe Huysmans of Microsoft.  There is a need to consider how to reach the specific target audience in terms of the handset types they are likely to have and their experience of using different functionality.  Sienne Veit of Marks & Spencer for example stressed that they had seen incredible success with their opt-in SMS campaigns targeting older customers with product promotions.

6.    There’s still time to learn

Marc Mielau of BMW felt that ‘now is the time to ‘fail early and learn fast’ and Sienne Veit of M&S agreed that learning should be one of the key objectives of campaigns Consumers will likely be more forgiving now of any failures than in the future when the use of mobile channel becomes common practise.

7.    Successful Execution of a campaign

Three common points were highlighted by speakers with regard to the successful execution of a campaign; effective partnerships, the use of cross-media promotion, the need to make use of existing company resources.  The importance of effective partnerships to success detailed by Ugur Oglu who stated that Pepsi’s recipe for success included ‘a great mobile operator with an impressive infrastructure, combined with a great mobile agency to execute great ideas’. 

Sibel Raif from Kraft emphasised the need for a multi-channel approach right from the start. ‘There is real impact when all agencies work together at one time to make a campaign happen, using all elements of media’.

Krafts, Deal or No Deal campaign in Turkey was a huge success with cross media promotions were believed to be central to a campaign’s success with Kraft using ‘the TV advert and sponsored spots along with all other communications’ to support the mobile campaign.

Jonathan McKay, Praekelt Consulting demonstrated how for their Guinness campaign ‘The Power of Naija’, POS material, on-pack promotions, posters, and prize draws were all used to support the mobile element of the campaign to both develop consumer understanding of the medium and drive consumer engagement.

8.    Add social media and location to increase the effectiveness of campaigns

Andrew Grill of Visible Technologies argued that ‘Combining social media and mobile can create customer loyalty and footfall’.

With Facebook the number one mobile website in the UK its not surprising to hear that social media on mobile phones provides an excellent and targeted way to engage consumers, especially when linked to location based services, as demonstrated by Foursquare. ‘It is no longer just about what a company is doing but where it is doing it’ says Grill.

The future for location based services is certainly very bright with growing acceptance from consumers and increasing recognition from brands, as to its potential to incorporate contextual data into communications. Mandeep Mason, Navteq Communications gave McDonalds and Best Western as two examples of brands which have effectively harnessed the power of LBS to build customer loyalty and drive customer footfall by way of highly targeted, relevant communications.

9.    Mobile is now getting the metrics its needs

Craig Sullivan described Belron International’s consideration of the metrics when developing their new mobile site.  He also mentioned how all measurement systems vary but it is important to choose one, and stick to it, using it to guide your company efforts.

10.    Listen to consumers

Mobile CRM is becoming an integral part of the mobile marketing process. It is therefore a sign of a good programme in which regular feedback is sought from consumers, which is then fed back into the ongoing programme.

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