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How to best put your product to market

How to best put your product to market

By Celia Gates, author of ‘From Brainwave To Business’.

Marketing has become so much more than expensive adverts on television, bill boards in the London underground or printed domain names dotting the classified pages.

As larger corporations begin to fragment into satellite operations and the loan individual becomes a viable competitor in the information era the nature of marketing is dramatically changing.

If you are in the process of bringing your ideas to market or trading your products to a general audience then you had better make sure that you are aware and abreast of the changes as the occur.

1)    How can you be sure that your marketing efforts are being rewarded and who do you wish to attract towards your tribe?
2)    How are you managing a multi-media strategy when technology is continually changing?
3)    What core story calls the benefits you offer to action and how will you know when your investment has been worth your while?

These are questions that you need to be asking yourself if you intend to successfully market your products or services.  Marketing is about manifesting the culture, credentials and credence’s of your company in absolutely everything you do so as to magnetically attract like-minded individuals interested in building a long term relationship towards you.

The more action you take the stronger your magnetic pull will be.  The more you can be clear about your own identity, or rather the identity of your company, product or brand the better you will be able to convey this clearly.

Your core story, albeit the sentiments with which like-minded individuals are most likely to link your message to their core beliefs, then becomes a fundamental platform from which you can provide reoccurring value and a memorable experience.

Translating this message across the plethora of media that exists today becomes a question of aligning your core story to the interests of each specific targeted audience.

Use social networkers and bloggers to spread the word organically online, a free product or trial in exchange for a review and a reciprocal link is a start but there are a whole host of other fun and engaging ways with which to connect to your “friends and followers”.  It is in this way that your customers become lead generators.

As you further begin to introduce a creative culture into your organization so too will new and ingenious ways of entertaining and enlightening your audience occur to you.  Marketing your products is magical when you really know how.

•    Begin by thoroughly understanding your target market, who they are and what motivates them.

You can ask questions such as “If you were looking for the very best (insert your product) then what would you hope to find?” and listen to the answer.  Get to the core of what drives these individuals to make their decisions – Pain, Love, Hate, Money – deduce it and pin point it further.

•    Understand where they hang out, who talks to them on mass, where they congregate together or who they refer to as a source of expertise.

Next use this information to identify how you can match your message to enlighten, entertain and add further value to whatever channel reaches the right audience most effectively.

•    Your message is important.

Your core story is what links you to the decision driving emotions that you have identified as present in the people who you wish to build a relationship with.

Your research will no doubt support your story with 3rd party evidence, expert testimonials and public endorsements and this will further add to your credentials.  In truth marketing in a new era is all about building trust.

•    Common sense (backed up by plenty of research) dictates that:

a)    We completely ignore 97% of the advertising that hits our field of vision.
b)    It is rare for us to respond to a new product or service until we have come into contact with it at least 7 times.
c)    We tend to ignore 2 out of 3 sales messages that we receive directly.

By calculation this means that you need to strive to make at least 21 different points of contact with a potential new customer before you can begin to anticipate engaging in a sale.  Develop compelling ways to connect with your market across a wide range of different media.

•    The more innovatively and creatively you can engage across a wide range of media with your target market the more easily you will be recognized as unique and enticing - And the more likely you are to attract and retain a growing target audience.

If you are looking for more ways to inject creativity into your organization or stimulate your marketing activities in a rapidly evolving era then you would be wise to read From Brainwave To Business a new guide to generating and profitably implementing innovative ideas – published as part of the Financial Times Series by Pearson’s Prentice Hall and available now on this small investment of £ 14.99 could make you your marketing millions.

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