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How to negotiate a pay rise

How to negotiate a pay rise

By Corinne Dauncey from

Do you think you are not been paid enough? Or not being valued at your company? Do you look at your pay slip and wish you had been paid that little bit more that you deserve?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then it is time to negotiate a pay rise. But how do you go about this and what are the best strategies in order to get the best rise?

Before approaching your boss, the key thing to remember is that you must prepare!

Before you ask

Do some background work about salaries in your industry / role and plan your negotiations prior to approaching your boss.

You can normally use salary analyzers or something similar on the Internet, or even phone around to ask recruitment agencies for the market averages for your role.
You need to know what you are worth, what you have achieved, and why you deserve the pay rise.

You will need to explain what skills and benefits you have brought to the company, how you have excelled in your role and how you are a loyal employee.
Focus on your knowledge and experience and the way you have grown and developed whilst working for the company. Things that you need to consider:

· Out standing projects you have managed, led, completed

· Awards you have received

· Procedures you have put in place that may have saved the company money

· Tasks you have been individually assigned to do due to your unique skills and abilities

· Additional tasks and responsibilities beyond what’s expected

· Expectations exceeded

· Achievements that stand out and you feel you deserve credit for

· Anything you have excelled on and been praised for

You need to be able to explain all of these points in detail and show that these are the reasons why you should be considered for a pay rise!

Finally, be clear as to what your current salary is, what the average is and what you ideally want!

How much to ask for?

It is a good idea to ask for more than you anticipate and that you give yourself room to negotiate.

Expect your boss to propose a counter offer after you have asked for your pay rise sum. You should definitely bargain and you should expect it to usually end up in a middle ground figure so always go in high!

What if your boss says NO?

Just because you are going for a pay rise, you may not necessarily get it. Firstly, there is always next time and from the feedback on this review you can work towards the next. You need to understand the reasons why he/she has said no and reflect on them.

It may be due to the fact that you are still in the learning curve at work and developing new skills, in which case, once you feel fully developed; it could be time to ask again.

Do not be afraid to ask for non-financial benefits as well, such as, a phone or extra holiday. You could ask for training and development and the company may be more inclined to pay for this, as you will be learning more and bringing more value to the company.

If you really feel you deserve a pay rise and you are not happy working at the company, then you can always search for a new job that would be willing to pay you more. It may be that this is your sign to take the next step.


It is a great feeling if you manage to receive a pay rise! If you work hard and achieve great results, they do not often go un-noticed and you will no doubt be rewarded with what you deserve.

A good confidence boost, self-satisfaction and self-affiliation will be the result!

Good luck!

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