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How to tackle social media information overload

How to tackle social media information overload

The ability to tap into social networking sites and applications can be great when businesses are looking to raise their profile, but when it comes to processing information coming in via these channels, most find themselves faced with ‘information overload’.

A dramatic change is happening for users of social networks and Digital Intuition is increasingly shaping the way people are communicating with each other and their peers online.

The biggest problem with Information overload is that businesses are starting to miss out on genuinely interesting information and news.

They are sifting through the mass of messages and are not really finding what they are looking for. This is what the mass of information that social networking has given us.

We are now entering a world where we are running to catch up with ourselves so what can we do to with all this ‘extra’ information? Is it possible to manage this so that we don’t miss the information that is of really interest and relevance to us?

There needs to be a solution before this tsunami of information sends us all under water. The obvious answer is something that is able to rank content and sort it according to our exact personal needs.

This solution exists in the form of ground breaking artificial intelligence technology 'Digital Intuition' which intuitively senses what’s important to each and every individual user.

The key to the technology’s success is that it will need to rely solely on a user’s natural consumption behaviour, without any explicit feedback.

Soon Digital Intuition will be a must to any business as it helps to streamline the heavy amount of information which comes through daily. Ecademy have just launched a form of Digital Intuition as an iPhone app which marks the start of the Intuition revolution.

The Ecademy-my6sense app uses the Digital Intuition technique to help rank the importance of what comes in, keeping businesses running whilst still maintaining their activity on social networking sites such as Ecademy and Twitter.

Across all these social and business networks there is a desire to meet the right people, read the right things and filter out the irrelevant. The My6Sense app is free and allows users to maintain their need for random connections and random information while at the same time have relevant connections and relevant information.

Critical to achieving this position is training your app after set up to become like you and how you think. The app behaves differently on iPhone and iPad. In fact it's far far better on iPad.

So enjoy the tool. Let me know what you like, what you dislike, what you don't get, what you do get and also tell me what you are learning about people and information around you that you weren't aware you were missing.

Your new insights and connections are what matter to me. Good luck.

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