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How to get marketing results from online video. 10 Tips.

How to get marketing results from online video. 10 Tips.

By Will Grant, Technology Director of Buto.

1.  Make sure it’s well encoded.

Check your web video platform does the encoding for you and upload the highest quality version you can find. You might like to check support for non-flash devices like iPhone and iPad – although iPhone is just 6% of the handset market, it accounts for roughly 60% of mobile browsing.

2.  Put video in the right place on your site.

The homepage isn’t necessarily the place where people want to discover what your film’s telling them. By including video on product pages and at key points during the purchase journey, you can increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment. Teaser trailers and video reviews are a great way to drive traffic to your site and also increase browser to buyer conversion.

3.  Make it possible to share your content away from your site so viewers, bloggers and ‘social media gurus’ can post it around the web for you.

Integrated sharing controls and embed codes make it possible for your viewers to act as your advocates by sharing the content around the web: increasing your reach and brand awareness.

4.  Know your goals.

Work out what the call to action is and make sure it’s easy for them to click through to it when they’ve watched the film. Use analytics and duration monitoring to measure the performance of your video and adjust your call to actions for maximum impact.

5.  Create your own in-video adverts to generate results.

In-video adverts are intuitive and unobtrusive. Viewers don't mind hiding them, and will click them readily if the action is appealing. People are much more likely to click an advert that is directly related to the content they’re watching (for example ‘drop into basket’, ‘donate now’ or ‘download product spec’).

6.  Try using playlists to give viewers access to multiple films and choose what they want to watch.

This could reduce the amount of space on your site that you need to dedicate to video, but still give people access to a great range of content.

7.  Switch on comments.

Film is great currency in social media terms and comments mean your viewers can engage in a conversation. Most systems allow comment moderation.

8.  For additional brand exposure, try inserting a pre-roll (such as a motion graphics ident) at the beginning of all your videos.

This gives you an ad platform each time your video is seen away from your site.

9.  Find out how well your content is working.

Good analytics will let you know how many people have watched each film, where they are, where they saw it if it’s been shared and how much of it they watched. Try A/B testing to work out how effective your video is.

10.  Make sure everyone can access your content.

Closed captioning, keyboard controls and transcripts will make sure people aren’t left out.

Buto ( is  an online video platform that lets every organisation publish, manage and measure their online video. You can get a free trial at, or call if you’ve got any questions about web video: 0121 224 8265.

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