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How to make your content Social Media friendly

How to make your content Social Media friendly

By Nikki Pilkington, an internet and social media marketing expert and founder of

When marketing your website online through social media channels you need to do things a certain way. It’s a bit like redecorating your house; you could do it quickly and as cheaply as possible. But will it look good, and will it last?

In this article we’ll cover 7 things you can do to make your website content social media friendly. If you follow all the steps listed below you should stand a great chance of scoring highly with social media sites as well as effective search engine optimisation.

Let’s get started:

1. Include a picture

If you’re going to bookmark your blog or content, but it doesn’t have an associated picture with it, it’s not as attention grabbing. Think about it; when you’re on a social website and you see a picture next to text; you’re drawn to it. By adding a picture you can summarise your content. Try to find a picture that's related to your content, otherwise people won't stay on your site once they click.

2. Title tag

If you bookmark your content to a social site; your pages title tag is often used as the title. If your website has the title “My Amazing Blog | Updating daily with super cool content” it’s not going to grab the attention of others. Give each page on your website a unique and grabbing title. For example; if you're blog is a guide to fishing you could use something like "The ultimate guide to fishing - catch the biggest fish in the ocean!" People will want to read it if it grabs their attention.

3. Social media buttons

They’re so simple to install and most blogs come with them pre-installed! The buttons next to a blog that allow users to instantly add your website to their favourite social media sites are a great way to help your visitors help your online marketing. All your visitors have to do is press the button for the social media site they want to use. Even if they're not registered on that site, registration only takes less than a few minutes.

4. Allow comments

Many website owners disable commenting on their blog posts. However, it makes your site interactive. It allows your visitors to talk to you personally. Even more so; it adds more unique content to your website. By enabling comments on your website you might get more people returning to check if their comments have been replied to. Sometimes you can get really long discussions between people and groups which could double your original content! This makes for great SEO.

5. Controversial comments

If you do enable comments, do you allow the negative ones? Not everyone is going to agree with what you say and debate sparks interest. If people disagree or even get angry over your content, allow others to read it. You’ll soon have many comments and conversations going on. If people are passionate about your topic, let them express it. You could even end up with a viral campaign that's a really hot topic.

6. Title too long for tweets

If you’re tweeting your updates; make sure your titles aren’t too long. Twitter has a 140 character limit on its tweets so just keep an eye out for titles that are too long. Sometimes you can still have an effective, attention grabbing title but without the length. Even adding "..." and cutting off some of your title can persuade people to click on it because they want to know what is says.

7. Easy to read

With modern communication channels such as Twitter and FaceBook people don’t always have enough time to read a long article. By making some of your content short but sweet you may engage more readers. It might be tempting to waffle on for hours, but think about your readers. Most of them won't even go near your content if it drags on for several pages!

If you can implement all of the above tips into your website or blog you’ll be well on your way to social media friendly content. You can expect to see more visitors to your website and an increased client database too. Take action today and create social media friendly content.

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