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Case Studies


eBay ‘Profit Shopping Bible’ PR campaign

eBay ‘Profit Shopping Bible’ PR campaign

Best practice from Shine Communications.


17% increase in new listings; half a million new items listed for sale the day after campaign launch; 162 minutes TV air time; 6 national news features.

Associate eBay with value and drive consumer listings on eBay, by creating a campaign which inspires the British public to sell on eBay -

CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND wants to be synonymous with great value and in March 2009 eBay made it free to list auction items
with a starting price below 99p.

To launch this bold move Shine Communications worked with eBay to create the second eBaynomics report on the nation's shopping habits.

The 2009 eBaynomics report revealed an emerging shopping trend in the UK: Profit Shopping, whereby shoppers make more money from sales than they spend on purchases, effectively using the site as a way to supplement their income.

eBay identified that among its own user base, 200,000 savvy Brits were making as much as £5 a day on the site. This became one of the key news hooks of the campaign.

The eBaynomics Report is currently being developed to analyse the trends of European shoppers for Pan European maximisation.


To put eBay at the heart of the news agenda and, specifically, the recession-busting story.

1. Own Value: With over 100 million transactions on the site every year, arguably no-one knows more about the nation's online shopping habits than eBay
2. Create Report: Capture this expertise through the eBaynomics Report, offering insight into the shopping habits of the UK
3. Coin a Phrase: We identified a growing group of consumers who were making more money from sales than they were spending on in order to raise extra cash to supplement their income.

We called this community ‘Second Income Britain’ and described them as ‘Profit Shoppers’ – two media friendly terms devised by Shine to put eBay at the heart of recession busting stories.


Stage 1 - Data-mine

We worked with eBay’s internal analysts, based in Prague, to monitor behaviour on, and provide a bank of UK selling and buying stats – who was buying what and where

Stage 2 – Analyse

We worked with the eBay UK internal PR team to analyse the data and to extract patterns and trends

Stage 3 – Report

We worked with graphic designers to create and publish a PDF report highlighting the key findings and establishing the emerging trends

Stage 4 – Media Maximise

We launched the report in March, using the ‘free to list on’ announcement as a news hook . Working with key broadcast, national and digital media contacts, we told the trend story through interviews with key eBay UK spokespeople and case studies:
?- eBay UK - Richard Kanareck (Communications Director)
?- Consumer Case Studies – Emma Moreton, Richard Aldridge, Lisa Rodgers, Roxy Kalha

Stage 5 - Demonstrate

To heighten cost-efficiency, eBay UK reallocated a portion of the advertising budget for ‘story telling advertorials’ which ran during the week of the announcement.


We created the ‘Profit Shopping Bible’ – a visual report  with key findings and stats pulled out for media use. Key images from the report were lifted by the Sun to use within print coverage.

We worked with one of our consumer case studies to create a video viral guide to making extra cash on This viral provided consumers with easy tips on selling unwanted items of eBay, and utilising the site to generate a second income.

The viral was hosted on ten video hosting sites, including YouTube. We achieved digital editorial, driving consumers to the viral guide, through a series of news and lifestyle sites – including the Sun Online, Daily Express Online and BBC News Online.


3x TV: 162 minutes of airtime. Inc. BBC Breakfast; BBC News 24; BBC World Service; CNBC
16x Radio: 1h 37 minutes of airtime. Inc. BBC Radio Derby; BBC Radio Norfolk
6x Nationals:  Inc. DPS in Daily Express; News of the World; Daily Telegraph; The Independent
19x Digital:  Inc. The Sun Online; BBC News Online;; Daily Express Online
2x Lifestyle: Fabulous & Best

Total OTS: 51,745,166
Number of UK adults reached: 20,054,506 (41% of the UK population)
Number of articles: 46
Proportion of feature articles: 95%


Return on investment: 27:1


Drive consumer auction listings: 17% increase in consumers listing items for sale in auction format,
with a sub-99p starting price. Half a million new listings the day following launch.

Generate consumer media buzz: Over 40 media hits, including 3 TV and 6 national print media.

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