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Successful Local Store Marketing

Successful Local Store Marketing

Gaining an advantage in highly competitive local retail markets requires constant revision and evolution of business approaches.

With so many companies vying for custom on High Streets across the country, it is not enough to be simply better at what you do in order to secure sales; you also have to be quicker to market.

Any delay in the wider supply chain can lead to tangible financial loss and potentially a lost sale to a competitor.

This is particularly the case in the supply of in-store marketing collateral within the retail sector, as this method of marketing plays such an important role in securing new custom on a local level.

Historically, individual retailers have not been keen to develop marketing plans or allocate costs and have typically relied on the occasional advertisement in a local paper; promotion is pretty much left on the back burner.

However, with customised POP, new collateral can be created from pre-agreed templates which create brand consistency across the system as a whole, but allow for flexibility for localised text, prices and promotions.

Localised marketing can also support recruitment by allowing customised banners and posters to be created online incorporating very specific criteria. The beauty of this system is that it is able to harness the power of personalisation.

Looking forward, this is one area that can be effectively targeted, to help drive footfall and increase sales on a store by store basis. A particularly innovative e-solution that keeps the local design and supply of POP flowing in a manageable way has been developed by bezier, and has been rolled out extremely effectively across several clients.

The on-line system can be custom built according to client specification, and allows each local/regional store to effectively design and order their own corporate literature, stationery or marketing collateral according to their individual needs.

The system allows end users with little or no design experience to input content onto set templates, whilst maintaining the layout and brand identity of the original document. The order is then placed on the system, via a central approval point if necessary, with the client’s approved suppliers.

Working smarter, and utilising solutions such as this has a positive effect on several aspects of the business.

Staff efficiency is increased, mainly due to the reduction of time spent on amendments and dealing with proofs; the system is user friendly, and stores can customise their own collateral simply and quickly.

This encourages local market flexibility, and the ability to react quickly to changing circumstances and local events, cutting down on lead time whilst retaining important central budgetary control.

One case study where this has worked particularly well is a retail travel company, who had a number of issues with marketing local offers at store level.

They needed a solution that could provide a degree of flexibility for their outlets and that still maintained a consistent message and corporate identity across the company.

Using the new system, new campaigns are uploaded to the site each month, and are then available for customisation and ordering by the individual outlets. All of the campaign elements are then digitally printed and dispatched direct to store.

As a result of the new system, which individual stores have found very easy to use, the client has seen significant sales uplift – proving that, using the right tools, local marketing by national retail organisations can be easier than you think.

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