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How Britvic lifted Tango sales through a Facebook application

How Britvic lifted Tango sales through a Facebook application


Britvic Soft Drinks, the UK’s leading soft drinks business, is dedicated to creating and building brands. Tango is one of the company’s major brands and famous for its innovative marketing campaigns, including the 'You know when you've been Tango'd' adverts.


Britvic ran a print, TV and outdoor campaign for Tango, with engaging straplines Too Much Tango…. suggesting the drink had side effects.

These included

“Too much Tango Made Me Think I was a Ninja, but I’m not I’m just Gary”


“Too much Tango makes your guffs smell like oranges, seriously I just did one.”

Whilst the offline campaign was very effective, Britvic wanted to improve the return from its advertising spend by extending its market reach.

Research had shown that a large percentage of Tango’s target audience were avid Facebook users, so this social networking site became the natural choice for communicating directly with them.

Strategy and implementation

Tango’s ad agency BBH, which created the offline campaign, appointed social media agency Nudge to develop the online element.  Nudge worked directly with Britvic and BBH to create a social network campaign on Facebook that would appeal to 17-21 year old Tango drinkers.

Taking an iterative approach, Nudge worked with the initial concept and creative provided by BBH to develop a fun and powerful Facebook application with super-viralocity.

Nudge created ‘The Tango Head Masher 3000’.

The head masher allows Facebook users to combine their own, as well as their friends’, profile pictures with random objects. Users are able to make fun of their friends by taking their photo, cropping the head and replacing it with a range of random comical objects, for example, a cabbage or a horses head.

“The campaign cost the same as getting 100,000 people to click on an ad and give the brand ten seconds of attention, yet 125,000 people interacted with the brand for an average of three minutes each,” said Nudge’s Commercial Director, Toby Beresford.


125,000 people added the head masher application and 35,000 people went through to mash up 75,000 photos.

Tango got an extra 25,000 people interacting and increased the time they spent with the brand to a massive 3 minutes.

Tango Brand Manager, Sally Symes, said, “We didn’t have any online activity for the latest campaign until we thought advertising an application on Facebook would make sense.

“It gave people something to do and let them engage with us in a fun and interesting way. The important thing however was that the metrics were great. We looked at several scores but the best way was whether people said they went on to buy Tango as a result of the application.”

She added, “Previous research had shown a score of 25% but this campaign pushed it up to 37%. A great success!”

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