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How went from zero to six million page impressions

How went from zero to six million page impressions

Best practice from Tug.


Celebrity Gossip blog Mr is the UK’s largest and most popular online source for the latest,up to the minute, celebrity news, hot celebrity gossip, photos and videos from around the world.

It includes all the top stories uncovered from the top Hollywood stars and UK celebrities. Mr has become the definitive site for all the latest celebrity news as well as the fastest, easiest and most popular way for people to share their stories, video and photos.

The site is backed by Darryn Lyon's celebrity photo agency Big Pictures. This gave the site great credibility, and superb content when it launched. It had tremendous pedigree and with its leading management team came exciting prospects.

The Challenge

When Mr was first launched the reality was very different. Incredibly the web site had absolutely no visibility on any of the major search engines.

While the people behind the new publication were well known with high profiles the new site did not have the same brand awareness. Very little was known about Mr and, because it ranked very low on the search engines traffic was very poor.

Mr Paparazzi needed a cost-effective way to raise awareness within its target market, dramatically improve rankings on all the major search engines and drive high volumes of traffic. A key objective was to monetise the new property. Its business model was based around online advertising so this was a crucial factor to the future of the online publicaton.

Strategy and Implementation

Mr Paparazzi appointed search marketing specialist Tug to create a solution which would raise awareness of the brand online and drive quality traffic to the site. Tug had experience in marketing new sites and became the first choice following a rigid selection process.

Tug developed a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign which focused on driving cheap traffic from the Google Content Network as well as targeted celebrity searches on the major search engines.

Tug’s team researched the main keywords used for celebrity news searches. The Mr Paparazzi site was optimised for the most-searched keywords in the vertical. Content and code were also optimised, and the site’s content management system was improved to increase the effectiveness of daily posts.

Tug began by link building - getting other sites to link back to Mr This was an important element of the strategy as links have varying degrees of quality.

Poor quality links can actually harm the website, however excellent links help a site’s rankings tremendously. So, Tug used a great deal of planning and resource to ensure the best possible links were achieved.

This was supported through an online PR campaign. Tug created articles which were distributed via online PR portals. These included celebrity article submissions, fresh posts on news feeds, links with other celebrity blogs and discussions on relevant forums. Exclusive videos were also posted on video directories, tempting people to come to the site.

The Results

Within five months, Mr reached the top-five position on page one of all the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN for the most competitive 'gossip' related keywords. As a continued campaign, more than 60% of the site's traffic comes directly from Tug's search activity.

Month on month direct traffic is growing steadily, showing that users who initially found the site through their search engine are now coming back on their own.

Mr. Paparazzi now attracts over six million page impressions every month. Its audience is predominantly female aged 16-30, creating a very attractive advertising vehicle, particularly  for the fashion and beauty product markets.

Dan Barton from Mr Paparazzi said, “In a very short space of time we went from being a virtually unknown site to one of the hottest celebrity sites on the web.”

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