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How to get a digital marketing strategy that makes women love you

How to get a digital marketing strategy that makes women love you

Andiara  Petterle is CEO of the largest communication group in Latin America -  Bolsa Corp. She sits on the Board of BrANDS – Brazilian Advertising & New Digital Strategies and lectures about digital media, women’s consumption and media convergence.

Women are driving the worldwide economy and represent the largest market opportunity in the world. According to the Boston Consulting Group, females represent the biggest emerging market in history, more than twice the size of the Indian and Chinese markets combined.

Women are also expected to play a big role in the economic recovery over the next few years because. They make the majority of the world's purchasing decisions.

Women already control $12 trillion of the world's $18.4 trillion annual consumer spending according to BCG – and they are heavy internet users.

But, according to Boston Consulting Group, they are not happy at all. They want more – in fact much more – from the brands they interact with.

Despite female spending power, many companies still do not target them and instead stay focused on the male market, failing to understand what women desire and need.

Regarding internet usage, women are a majority in all the largest online markets. They blog, they listen to other people’s opinions, they share and they are paying attention to online brand behaviour.

Are those brands connecting with them? Are they doing it right? Are they building value or letting the power of smart new brands to take over their assets?

Working with women and for women online over the last three years, we have learned a few key things on how best to target women through digital media and how to get them to love you – or at least to remember you next time they go shopping or blogging.

Fast facts:

• Around 700 million online worldwide
• At least 73 million Spanish or Portuguese speakers
• More than 2.4 billion mobile phones in their hands
• They spend a lot of time surfing the web – in Brazil, they spend around 31 hours per month on the web

What they have in common:

• Want to be the best in everything they do
• Wish to talk about themselves and about their feelings
• Are sympathetic to other people's issues
• Search for similar experiences
• They use the technology to monitor and control their environment and to share!

How they communicate:

• 75% social network
• 55% blogs
• 40% online forum
• 16% post status updating (ex. Twitter)

Because women like ...

• 75% being updated about family and friends
• 72% having fun
• 56% entertainment
• 52% connecting people
• 34% sharing opinions
• 32% information

Women click on...

• 43% webpage links
• 42% sponsored links
• 24% e-mail marketing
• 21% advertising banners

At this point you may be wondering how to target such complex and unique audience.

Here are some rules we follow to reach our nine million female members:

• Be relevant: Don’t waste their time saying what anyone could say. Say or do something really valuable. They will remember you as the one who made the right move.

• Be convenient: Offer a benefit when it’s most needed.

• Be engaging: Offer them nice things that they wouldn’t have without you.

• Commit yourself: Do not be afraid if the relationship gets serious, but get ready to have the best customer support ever.

• Customize: Treat them as individuals, call them by their name and never forget their birthday or all the things they’ve said to you. Remember: they only care for the ones that care for them.

• Be constant: Be present and connect more often. Forget about your old 4-thematic-annual-campaigns. Who is not seen is not remembered.

• Be caring: They want you to care about their home-sweet-home (the planet) and for those who live there. Be social-environmental-political-economical-humanitarian responsible.

• Be personal: Women aren’t an “audience” and you are not a “trademark”. You both have values, personalities, needs and expectations. Digital media – and especially social networking sites – can help you to personalize your message.

• Listen: Listen to them carefully and pay attention. Research and business intelligence are the most valuable things for you to get to know them. You might have nothing to say, so just listen and they will love you.

• Empower content: be attached to the content they trust and love. Branded content has proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve brand awareness.

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