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Five golden rules for effective web and email campaigns

Five golden rules for effective web and email campaigns

By Ian Davis, Director, OnDemand at ATG

1. Leverage customer information

Marketers need to leverage customer information gleaned from customer interactions, preferences and behaviour from a variety of touch points, be it email, web, phone or in person.

This will allow companies to create outbound marketing and service campaigns that are as relevant as possible to their customers.

By taking information such as customers’ geographical location and purchase history from a website and incorporating this data into outreach, companies can ensure that e-marketing and service campaigns are based on a direct understanding of customer purchases and preferences.

In addition, intelligent technology exists that can offer highly effective customer profiling and market segmentation that will increase conversion rates from a highly targeted campaign.

Ultimately, by not only understanding but targeting customer preferences, companies will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. Personalise

Offers and promotions must be substantially personalised, not only to hold the attention of each and every customer, but also to enable a business to cross- and up-sell effectively.

Every time a customer gets in touch with a company their interactions and behaviour should be logged, whether they buy a product online, speak to a call centre agent, or send an email.

By leveraging previous inbound interactions, subsequent outbound communications will not only be more relevant, but delivered through what you know are your customers' preferred channels.

Data should also be shared through existing databases throughout an organisation, eliminating the need to create a whole new marketing database and reducing the need for further technology investment.

3. Consistency!

Every customer interaction with a company should be consistent, in order to strengthen your brand and encourage familiarity, and eventually loyalty, amongst customers.

By integrating e-mail campaigns with website content, companies will be able to attract new and repeat business. Customers need to be able to relate to a brand and solutions across the full lifecycle.

4. Act fast

The web is no longer a platform marketers can afford to ignore and a key aim must be to have a website that has, at the bare minimum, inventory listings and transaction functionality.

Sticking to this straightforward objective will allow companies to offer customers greater flexibility in how they interact with a business.

In addition, marketers and merchandisers need a solution that will allow them to take direct control over the company’s website, with user-friendly content and easy-to-use catalogue management tools.

With this kind of control, business users can then react quickly as and when they need to make changes to the company’s web store, without having to rely on IT for updates.

5. Monitor

Continual monitoring of marketing campaigns is essential. Marketers need to receive real-time reporting and feedback about each step of a campaign during its execution, as well as upon completion.

With integrated reporting, analytics and testing tools marketers can monitor success, learn from mistakes and improve results.

When testing, companies should be able to run multiple tests concurrently and apply segmentation to show how different audiences are reacting to different campaigns.

Marketers should also have the freedom to introduce and adapt testing as campaigns themselves develop and change.

Again, marketers should not need the constant assistance of the IT department when it comes to testing and analysing results.

Using a simple wizards-based user interface, and having the ability to access reports at the click of a mouse empowers the marketing team and ensures campaigns are always adaptable, results-driven and effective.

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