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New Meerkat advert breaks on Facebook, not TV

New Meerkat advert breaks on Facebook, not TV is to launch the latest advert in its current meerkat campaign on Facebook, rather than TV.

Live from this morning (October 2, 2009), the work features Aleksandr Orlov talking up the merits of taking a Jacuzzi.

It is also being hosted on The advert from VCCP will air on TV from Sunday.

“I have very stressful times telling many mongoose heads that I cannot find them cheap car insurance, I can only compare meerkats!,” Orlov tells his fans.

“So every night I am force to have soothing Jacuzzi bath.”

He adds, “Then one night when I was playing with floating boat I have brain waves, why not make advertisement from comfort of own bubbles? So I did.”

Orlov posted his profile on Facebook early in 2009. He has since gathered almost 600,000 fans.

Within 90 minutes of going live, 1,537 people have given the work a ‘thumbs up’.

The Russian meerkat has become a cult on social media. In addition to his Facebook fans, he has 27,000 followers on Twitter.

A new web show is now in the offing where he will interview celebrities including Simon Cowell and Russian Prime Minister, Vladamir Putin. say its usage rise by 80% and awareness of the brand tripling from 20% to 59%, within just nine weeks of the meerkat campaign.

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