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CNN launches new tagline

CNN launches new tagline

Overview: On September 21, 2009, CNN International (CNNI) will unveil a new tagline: “Go Beyond Borders.”  This replaces “Be the First to Know,” which debuted in March 2001. 

We went through an extensive external and internal research process to ensure that we knew what our viewers valued in us and expected of us.  Knowing that helped us arrive at “Go Beyond Borders” as an articulation of our shared values and our commitment to delivering intelligent news in a connected world.

CNNI will use this tagline not only as a marketing message, but also as a content filter; every day CNNI’s news coverage will promise to go beyond the expected.  “Go Beyond Borders” helps clarify the network’s mission for all stakeholders.

Brand Positioning:  CNNI is the genuine international news source, delivering intelligence for an interconnected world.

Core Brand Value/Brand Essence:  Beyond boundaries, beyond convention, CNNI will “Go Beyond Borders.”

We are global in our reach, and we continue to break new ground and go beyond expectations… To go beyond borders is to demand excellence and dedication.  It demonstrates that stories and people are not defined or limited by geography, and neither are we.  To be beyond borders is to be Intelligent, Diverse and Authentic, and it is this that will set us apart.

Target Description / Insight:  Our viewers do not define themselves by the color of their passports and “Go Beyond Borders” speaks directly to their aspirations and expectations.  It also reflects our changing world as news is consumed across an increasing number of platforms.

Transparency and diversity are vitally important to our viewers; they expect their news source to challenge and question, as well as deliver truly international reporting and perspectives.

Creative Execution: “Go Beyond Borders” was developed by CNN’s global marketing and creative departments in conjunction with the Boston-based agency Tooth+Nail.  The first execution of “Go Beyond Borders” was produced by the International On-air Promotions unit and will debut on air September 21 alongside new logo, graphics and music. 

This promo sets out the parameters that we intend with “Go Beyond Borders,” marrying the promise squarely with the destination programming we’ve introduced over the last few months and culminating with the launch of Amanpour.  It was important that the full spectrum of “borders” was introduced in this first promo so “Go Beyond Borders” did not stall in the viewers’ minds as simply a geographical promise of reporting from far flung places.

We also wanted to get across a sense of the values that CNNI shares with its viewers: enquiring and questioning, a craving for deeper context, analysis, intelligent storytelling, and also a readiness for adventure.

A quote from Tony Maddox, EVP and Managing Director, CNN International:  “CNN goes beyond borders every day, taking viewers beyond the headlines to a transparent, diverse and intelligent product that connects viewers to the world’s stories. Our viewers go beyond borders every day, seeking out intelligent newsgathering on multiple platforms and this tagline will speak directly to their aspirations.

2009 has been a defining year for CNN International, with the introduction of an ambitious new programming line-up following on from an intense expansion of our newsgathering operation as we put original content and multiple perspectives at the heart of our output.

The new tagline is the logical next step to cement our brand promise for today’s news consumers.”

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