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How to create great buzz about your company

How to create great buzz about your company

By Simon Lewis of

“There is only one thing worse than being talked about, that is not being talked about” – Oscar Wilde

Building excitement and momentum around your company is a difficult and elusive task — and it takes a lot of work. 

The best buzz looks effortless, but it never is.  There are a number of ways you can get people talking about you and choosing the correct approach comes down to brand values and the product you are trying to promote.

Publicity stunts can generate local, national, and even international media attention but does this fit with your message?  Might you be better devising something a little more surreptitious?  Whichever avenue you take you will end up paying more if your message is boring.  If you are interesting and/or unique people will sell your product for you.  So provide something of value.

The first step is recognizing that buzz marketing is asking for someone else’s time and attention. You need to provide something worthy…when you educate or entertain other people, they’ll pay attention. If you bore them, they won’t.

Here are some ideas on how to create buzz for your brand:


Make sure the product is ready to go.  You need to be in a position to sell the moment it goes live and be prepared to early take-up.  If your buzz campaign has been successful you’ll have eager followers salivating over your proposition.  They will be lost forever through a haze of dejection if you haven’t got your product right from the beginning.

Pre-launch marketing

For the best new product releases you need to begin marketing for them actually early. How you market is going to be totally unique during every level of a product’s release, and this holds true for the earliest types of marketing pushes.

One component of early selling has to do with primarily selling to your more faithful client base. These are the individuals who will have the most interest in finding out more, and these are going to be the people who are going to be happy to go to the effort of finding out something about what you are planning.

This is going to get people talking very early about what it is that you are making and what affect it will have on their lives. This second part is a key point because this can turn into a leading selling point for you.

Create intrigue and speculation

The point of early selling is not about giving away a lot of details but generating some early interest you can build upon later on.  Your audience doesn’t need to know a lot about the product for the selling to be successful.  All you need to do is plant those first seeds of excitement.

Drip-feeding information over a period of time gets into the sub-conscious and as you get closer to release, you can start to build on them by increasing the information levels, until you have everyone totally hooked.  This is the real strength of early marketing, and can turn product releases into a truly unique event.

By spreading the word about the benefits of your product or service, you can create a buzz more than you ever could by telling potential clients exactly what you do. Create a tag line that asks something of the reader, but then leave only your contact information so that they have to take the next step to find out more.

Engage in social media

The development in online communication theorises that generating a buzz about something ought to be easier than ever.  Twitter allows its users to share (re-Tweet) information they find interesting.  This means a message can be delivered to many people very quickly.

Other networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow communities of people to share information.  Done right your message will be included in discussion groups and news feeds.  In particular, LinkedIn works because by and large people connect to people with whom they empathise.  Chances are you only need to be connected to one person for your message to be delivered to many more interested parties.

Information distribution

The dissemination of your message is critical to creating a buzz.  Where your information goes, and to who, will determine how large your audience is and help shape the outcome of the excitement you create. 

Whilst social media acts as a free press distribution platform you should also consider the virtues of working with professional companies who can select a targeted audience.  Some press release platforms are free, others charge per release but you will only need one well-timed release to compliment your buzz campaign so the cost will be limited.

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