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The 10 minute twitter marketing guide for technology companies

The 10 minute twitter marketing guide for technology companies

By Mark Robson, Insight Group.

Twitter, to the uninitiated, is just another media hyped activity. A fad that will come and go. But Twitter, has, as they say in the wine vernacular, got [marketing] legs for business promotion.

Twitter, in just three years, has reached the same point that email marketing did in twice that time. There was a time when email and email marketing wasn’t heard of, yes I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Email came into existence in 1990 as the internet was starting to become popular. Six years later the number of email ‘mailers’ sent out was more than the number of direct mailers sent out by post.

Today it’s hard to know how we could function in business without email and how marketing campaigns could be produced without email marketing components.

Marketers used to say of email marketing: “Shall we run an email marketing campaign alongside our normal marketing?”

They soon realised that email marketing was an integral part of a complete and integrated marketing campaign.

So, as marketers, we need to learn the lesson early on that Twitter, if it’s right for your company, your business and your market, needs to be integrated into your marketing and not just a fad that you try or a campaign that you run ‘outside’ of your marketing activities.

But to get the most out of Twitter marketers need to be serious, to plan,
to invest and to manage. Treat Twitter as a ‘freebie’ that will ‘just’ get the marketing message out and you will come unstuck.

Before you start building your presence on Twitter, put in the groundwork, develop a full
understanding of what will be involved and the time you need to invest. Companies that dive into Twitter and get it badly wrong can damage their reputation. But there are significant rewards for those brands that invest the time and effort into getting it right.

As a social media platform, Twitter helps to create a lively and immediate dialogue with
customers, the media, partners, investors, stakeholders and any key audience. With
standard marketing communications strategies you can have intermittent spikes of
activity followed by periods of silence, e.g. a press announcement or a seminar series,
and then nothing for weeks.

Twitter can, and must, be the regular pulse of your marketing communications strategy, a regular stream of sometimes informal, sometimes informative communication that reminds the market that you are still active and updates them regularly.

Corporate plan - 10 steps to Twittering

Now that you’ve read some of the background and why you should use Twitter, it’s time to implement your corporate plan. Here are the 10 steps you need to take to start and manage a corporate Twitter presence:

Create an account
Define Twitter corporate marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotion
Tailor your corporate Twitter presence
Identify the corporate Tweeters
Outline Twitter guidelines/direction
Identify and invite target audience
Understand Twitter operation and environment to maximise usage
Implement off-Twitter marketing
Read (and keep reading) about Twitter
Revisit all the steps above to meet Twitter changes

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