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Eloqua launches CRM profiler

Eloqua launches CRM profiler

Eloqua, the category-defining leader in marketing automation, today announced the launch of Eloqua Prospect Profiler, a new CRM-based sales intelligence tool. 

Eloqua Prospect Profiler provides an intuitive graphical summary of prospect online activities and behaviours – their ‘digital body language’ – enabling sales professionals to focus on developing more targeted and relevant communications with customers.

In an environment with longer sales cycles, more information available to buyers and less personal interaction with sales teams, Eloqua Prospect Profiler provides greater insight into prospect interests and buying intent and helps to increase alignment between sales and marketing teams.

Embedded in the contact record of the sales force automation system, Eloqua Prospect Profiler simplifies and summarises the trove of data collected by marketing automation systems.  For busy salespeople traditionally forced to read through lines of prospect activity data to prepare for their next call, this new tool provides an at-a-glance unified, graphical view of any given prospect’s Web site visits, form data, email response and search activity.

This helps make marketing efforts more relevant for sales by providing greater insight into the marketing programmes and campaigns that have generated prospect interest and the messages or products that have resonated with potential customers. 

Key features and benefits of Eloqua Prospect Profiler include:
·         CRM Integration – seamless integration with major CRM systems
·         Intuitive Graphics - at-a-glance graphical summaries of a prospect’s online activity
·         Customised Detail – instant drill-down capabilities to show details about specific activity
·         Customisable Time Views -  user defined views of specified timelines or activity periods
·         Real time alerts - email alerts set up by sales when important triggers such as site visits occur

According to a Forrester Research paper titled “How to Avoid B2B Marketing Obsolescence,” “There is a shift from simply generating demand to managing it. When marketing delivers a new batch of leads, sales wants to know exactly which ones have the most potential, regardless of whether marketing outsources the leads or not.”

The report continues, “Top marketers focus on managing demand, not generating it. They build practices that score leads numerically, route top-scoring leads to sales, nurture contacts not yet ready to buy, and use visual tools to engage with sales.”  This points to a clear need for sales organisations to analyze the actions of prospects to accelerate the sales cycle.

“I am really impressed with Eloqua Prospect Profiler.  It’s an easier user experience for both marketing and sales because I can quickly identify activity and respond to it. It makes the integration of CRM and the marketing automation platform much easier,” said Rosemary Hoffman, director of marketing, SACHEM, Inc.

“Eloqua is leading this category because of our dedication to innovation and product development. Prospect Profiler provides a glimpse into what we see as the next generation of marketing automation. It combines an intuitive, user-centric design with intelligent behavioral data that provides greater insight into buyer intent,” said Joe Payne, CEO, Eloqua.

“Whether you are a first-time buyer of Marketing Automation or a long-time Eloqua client, you have got to see Eloqua Prospect profiler.  Nobody else has anything like it.”

Eloqua Prospect Profiler is part of the Eloqua Sales Toolkit, a suite of productivity tools that identify opportunities and communicate with sales prospects.

The software architecture is lightweight and quickly integrates with Oracle, Microsoft and CRM platforms. Eloqua Prospect Profiler is now available to early beta customers and will be generally available to the market on June 14, 2009. 


For more information and to take a short demo of Eloqua Prospect Profiler, visit:
About Eloqua
Eloqua is the category-defining marketing automation leader and provider of best practices expertise for marketers around the world. The company’s mission is to make its customers the best marketers on earth. Thousands of customers from leading companies such as American Express, AON, Apple, Cognos, Dow Jones, Fidelity, Seagate and Sybase rely on the power of Eloqua to execute, automate and measure programs that generate revenue. Eloqua helps companies read and decode their buyers’ Digital Body Language™, thereby improving the quality and quantity of sales leads, increasing marketing effectiveness, and accelerating the selling process. Eloqua is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America. For more information, please call 866-327-8764 or email
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