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How to blog for business - 10 top tips

How to blog for business - 10 top tips

Digital marketing agency iCrossing has released an eBook entitled ‘How to Start Blogging: A Guide for Business Bloggers’. The eBook, written by head of social media Antony Mayfield, features an informative list of tips for budding business bloggers writing a corporate blog.

These ‘must-do’s’ include ‘Don’t blog in anger’ and are vital for any business exploring and developing its digital presence.

Other highlights include links to useful websites and tools to support blogging, blog etiquette and how to moderate your blog.

Here are 10 top tips for business blogging,  from iCrossing:

1. Write it yourself
There’s no point having a blog if you aren’t going to write it yourself - if the original words didn’t come straight from your mind to the screen unedited, then it isn’t your blog – it’s someone else's.

2. Start a conversation
The whole point of blogging is to start or participate in a conversation. If you’re blogging well, people will want to respond to what you say, and talk to you about your thoughts. A comments section is a prerequisite for any blog. So consider how you will manage the conversation – will you moderate comments? Will you get someone else to moderate on your behalf? Or will you let discussion happen without moderation?

3. Read a lot

The best bloggers read a lot – it’s where they find the material to inspire their own posts. A really efficient way of organising your online reading material is to use a feed organiser. If you are not a big reader of online content, then try to keep your reading as broad and wide-ranging as you can.

4. Save your ideas as you go along

Once you’ve found something that you think may be good to write about you need to save it somewhere - whether on your computer or in a notebook.

5. Don’t write too much
If you are blogging in a corporate or official capacity, most of your blog posts should be concise: somewhere between 50 and 150 words. If you feel your thoughts on a subject can’t be contained to that, think about drafting an article for the website or for one of your other corporate publications, and then you can link to it with some further thoughts on your blog when it is published.
6. Edit, edit, edit
Once you’ve written your post it makes good sense to re-read and proofread it. If you’re unsure, or need a sanity-check, show it to someone else whose opinion you trust before you publish. Don’t forget to double-check that you’ve included links.

7. Don't worry if people are negative
Either they are being useful by challenging your thinking, or if they are malicious in the comments section, you can delete them.

8. Blog regularly
If you stop blogging, your blog dies.

9. Never blog in anger
Remember that anything you blog is effectively on the permanent record of both you and your company. In cyberspace, nothing ever really gets deleted. Once you commit words to blog, you create what is essentially a permanent record of your thoughts. Even if you delete your own blog, others will have read it, and often, will quote you on their own blogs and in their other social spaces. can’t control this. So be sure to think about this before you press the “publish” button on your blog.

10. Think of your blog as a place to think out loud
It's not a burden or a duty - it's an oasis, a place you get to actually think about what is happening in your world.

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