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How to use SEO to effectively track ROI

How to use SEO to effectively track ROI

By Farhan Miah, head of paid search at MEC Interaction, part of Mediaedge:CIA

An economic downturn can be like a tsunami that affects many businesses. The sink or swim challenges that it presents demands advertisers to think long and hard about their expenditures. Far too often marketing budgets are the first to fall victim in an effort to reduce risk – including search marketing budgets.

Veteran and savvy search advertisers know that search marketing is recession proof, or at least recession resistant. Budgets should not be cut in this area, but should be seen as an opportunity, adjusting SEO strategy for the change in play, direction and pace.

With the number of searches increasing and a longer consideration period, today’s consumer is understandably cautious. This change in buying mindset has an impact on search behaviour and keyword popularity – creating new gaps of opportunity in the market.

The challenging economic climate – for both buyer and seller – has led to a shift in search behaviour. Advertisers need to evaluate and adjust their keyword strategies to ensure their conversations with their potential customers remain relevant.

Find out what works for you

Paid search is arguably the most accountable and risk-free of all advertising investments. In a challenging economic environment the peace of mind that visibility, transparency and measurability that paid search provides means that advertisers can be confident about the quality of every click bought.

The accountability of paid search invites natural quality assurance and is therefore one of the most efficient forms of ways in which to target consumers.

Paid search is accessible to all businesses regardless of their size, and with virtually no barriers, advertisers can attract leads within minutes.  Daily budget caps and targeting customers by towns, cities, distance, time of day, and day of week all give advertisers a level of control and flexibility like no other – allowing advertisers to find out what works and what doesn’t within minutes and hours to ensure maximum efficiency.

Learn from your Pay-Per-Click strategy and results

Advertisers who see search as an opportunity during the recession will know that the synergy between SEO and PPC is more important now than ever before. The fact that learnings can be gained from PPC instantaneously means that content on websites can be optimised for organic rankings with confidence in expected click-through rates.

For example, the best performing PPC ad copy can be used to write SEO meta data, or multi-variant testing on PPC traffic can used to design site pages and templates. SEO can also be used to compensate for high cost high volume PPC keywords, these may not necessarily be highly competitive keywords.

Overall, PPC learnings often provide some quick wins using data that otherwise would have taken between weeks and months to have gathered and can provide guided confidence in a SEO strategy.

Be pro-active: understand where, why and when people drop out

Once advertisers are content with the efficiency of their paid search campaigns, SEO strategy and other online traffic/lead/sales generation campaigns, they all too often halt a proactive strategy at this point. The truth is, driving highly relevant traffic to site is important it is only half the job, the other half is ensuring a positive on-site experience by optimising the user experience.  Businesses with an online presence can make the mistake of separating website analytics from their online efforts.

It is important to remember that understanding where, why, and when people drop out of conversion funnels or exit the site is what will allow business to engage in a more relevant on-site conversation with its customers. These leads are highly relevant. By understanding them better you will increase ROI and make your investments go a lot further. 

Without an effective SEO strategy you will not have access to this rich data and ultimately will not be able to continue the important agile development required to succeed in the online environment.

If you need to brush up on your SEO skills and learn how to effectively track ROI, our SEO course will help - contact The Knowledge Engineers now.

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