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PromPeru launches social networking campaign

PromPeru launches social networking campaign

PromPeru has added social networking to its promotional strategy for the Peru: Live the Legend campaign and now has pages on the main virtual social networks of Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Twitter. 

This addition to the print consumer campaign transmits Peru’s messages to a much wider audience highlighting the diversity of the country and attractiveness for different travel experiences.

Mara Seminario, Director at PromPeru comments, “As social networking is a big influence on modern lives it is a perfect tool to showcase the different regions and travel options available in Peru.  As consumers can instantly invite friends to view the pages and become fans it is perfect for PromPeru to monitor the interest in the country.”

Launched in September 2008, the Peru: Live the Legend campaign has been advertised in Peru’s main tourism markets of UK, USA, Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil and Chile and also reached over 160 million passengers of the One World Alliance of 28 airlines which travel to a total of 150 countries.

Peru is most commonly linked with Machu Picchu and Cusco but this campaign highlights mysteries and legends associated with further key areas to intrigue visitors to travel to experience the diversity. 

The legends are as follows:

-       Seeing Giants: The Green Giants Come to Life and Walk on their Own Roots – this symbolises the immense and diverse Amazon region which covers 60% of the country and home to over 10,000,000 living species.  There are many opportunities for tourism in this region in lodges and riverboats.

-       Feel Centuries of Faith: Centuries of Faith Throb in the Heart of the City of Kings  - the capital Lima is a cosmopolitan city on the coast with centuries old colonial buildings and pre-Hispanic Incan temples as well as world-class cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

-       Admiring Gods: Where Gods become Mountains – for the Incas the mountains were guardians of the earth as they provided water for the rivers which nurtured their crops. In Peru the most famous site in the mountains and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is Machu Picchu – a must see on visitors wish lists.

-       Reaching the Stars: The Land of Snow Covered Stars – bearing east from the coast are the highlands, where three mountain ranges meet and entwine among snow-capped peaks, volcanoes, canyons and valleys that give life to the imposing Andes and plenty of opportunities for trekking and climbing.

-       Facing Eternal Walls: He Emerged from the Sea and Built Eternal Walls – Peru’s archaeological wonders do not end with Machu Picchu as there are a plethora of sites to be discovered such as Chan Chan in the north. This ancient Chimú kingdom (700-1400 AD) founded its capital by the banks of the Moche River and called it Chan-Chan, meaning "sun-sun". It spans an area of 20 square km and is the largest mud-brick citadel dating back to the pre-Hispanic era.

-       Reliving the Foundation of an Empire: Peru’s gateway to the Gods – Legend has it that the Sun God sent two children to earth to guide mankind to lead better lives.  They emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca and established an empire, now the lake offers many tourism opportunities and a tranquil atmosphere to add to a visitor’s itinerary.

Peru: Live the Legend Campaign can be found at the following links:







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