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New brand marketing concept concentrates on the sense

New brand marketing concept concentrates on the sense

Brand is the most important marketing idea to come out of the last 50 or so years. Great brands not only make money and have a worldwide following, but they communicate directly with our emotions.

So it’s not surprising that the newest brand marketing concept concentrates on the sense that’s most closely related to emotions – our sense of smell. As aromas, which are handled by the same part of the brain that processes memory, feelings and sensuality, scent marketing uses the sense of smell to trigger a memorable and evocative response.

Imagine the smell of freshly mown grass and most people think of summer. The scent of just-out-of-the-oven apple pie makes us feel safe, secure – and hungry! Welcome to the new frontier of marketing. Sensory branding has arrived...and it smells great.

People recall smells with up to a 64% accuracy, even a year later. Harnessing this power, and using it to gain attention for brands ranging from fast food to fashion and from health clubs to hotels is the goal of ScentAir – pioneers in this sense-driven movement.

ScentAir develops both the scents and the devices that release them. Motion detectors and timers trigger dry-air techniques and fragrance cartridges create pleasing, scent-inspired experiences.

“Shoppers’ reactions to aroma are instant and almost primal,” said ScentAir UK Chairman David Sanger. “Scent technology helps businesses to connect with customers in a way that only it makes possible.”

One clothing store scented its sales floor with "feminine scents," like vanilla - and sales of women's clothes doubled! McDonald’s boosted sales of apple pie in a similar way, and one Las Vegas casino gained a 45% boost in turnover from its slot machines. All were based on branding and the sensory power of smell.

ScentAir uses its technology to reinforce brands with discrete but powerful aromas which generate emotions that are relevant to the brand. And, as 75 percent of the emotions people generate each day are created by the things they smell rather than see, sensory branding can make a company stand out.

By understanding the impact that fragrances have on emotions, we can give our brands the sweet smell of success.

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