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Why life is looking good for LG

Why life is looking good for LG

LG is on a mission to become not a consumer electronics giant, but a premium offering. The brand recently signed an advertising partnership with Condé Nast as it takes its brand proposition of Life’s Good, global.

In our exclusive interview with LG, Andrew Warner, marketing director, explains why things are looking good from the inside.

Established in Korea back in 1958, LG has come a long way. In the UK only since 2001, the brand has managed to shake-up the market place by offering technology in the form a visually stylish, sleek and chic products.

The brand made headlines when it launched a mobile handset in collaboration with fashion designer Prada in 2007. The partnership saw the company change the rules and make headway against some of its major competitors including Samsung.

It furthered this approach when it launched an advertising campaign promoting a brand new ‘scarlet’ series. The launch turned out to be a new flat screen TV – a red carpet event that redefined the technology sector and the brand as a futuristic necessity for the style obsessed middle class.

Being different might be risky, but now things are looking better for LG. Despite the current economic meltdown, and news of other major technology giants posting losses well into the double digits, LG isn’t concerned.

At Monday’s (16/02) official launch of the company’s new advertising partnership with Condé Nast, Andrew Warner, marketing director UK and Ireland, not only explained to me that life was good, but why it’s good.

The marketing partnership with the premium publisher includes a series of ads that will run in titles including Vogue and Vanity Fair starring critically acclaimed (meaning he has won a couple of Oscars) feature film director, writer and producer Edwick Zwick (Blood Diamond, I Am Sam).

Warner said, “Condé Nast is an ideal partner for us because it is very established in terms of advertising higher end and premium brands.

The ads showcase LG’s range of home entertainment products and provide somewhat of a contract compared to the usual high-fashion adverts you’d see in the likes of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

The key reason behind the campaign according to Warner was to start telling a story around the LG brand.

“We’ve been saying Life’s Good as a tag line for a number of years now so what we really want to do going forward is tell our consumers why life is good and why LG can make your life better as a consumer,” Waner added.

The ads, which will continue to rollout throughout the year, will feature people who are not necessarily famous but who are craftsman in their field.
“We wanted to have people on board who’ve really achieved and established something in their career and tell the world how technology has played an important role in their lives,” Warner explained.

He says that technology is nothing without the content that goes within it, “The campaign aims to demonstrate how these people have used the tools that we produce to create something that makes life better for consumers.”

The brand campaign will run in seven countries across four continents and aims to celebrate ingenuity.

The partnership with Condé Nast offers the brand a combination of stylish design and smart technology that fits with people’s lives. It also demonstrates the brands unique style and quality according to Richard D. Beckman, president and chief marketing officer of Condé Nast media group and publications.

He says that while global campaigns can be difficult in getting the key messages across, LG looks to succeed due to the campaigns simplicity, “The differences from territory to territory can be massive meaning some marketing messages can become lost in translation.

“However, this campaign is more of a visual message, which resonates better with a bigger audience of consumers.”

Warner adds, “A lot of brand work we do it global brand work. The advantages of that are that we now live in a digital age where the internet is accessible from anywhere.
“More so people are travelling more and so the key thing for us is to have a consistent brand message, which helps people relate to us no matter where they are. Another aspect of that is that we are very much a global company now.

LG has a long-term view. The partnership with Condé Nast shows that the brand has confidence to survive a turbulent market place and is something that Warner refers to as a major investment in the brand.

“This is a major investment that isn’t for the short term by any means. On the other hand we have to remain sensitive to our consumers and their situation in the current climate and how they might react. But in terms of the journey of our brand, we are at the beginning.” 

Condé Nast’s Beckman offers Warner some reassurance, “Companies that slash their marketing spend in a downturn tend to lose a chunk of their market share. There’s a tremendous opportunity in a downturn to deliver intelligent messages and use different platform to drive their business forward.

Since the cracks in our global economy began to appear last year, it has been well documented that when times get tough, consumers will seek out the brands they trust and that are reliable.

“We think there is still spend on technology and LG is still growing. We’ve posted some good results and we are still gaining market share. People assume in a recession that people stop spending, but they don’t. They actually shop around ore looking for value for money – we think we offer that value,” assures Warner.

The brand campaign, explains Warner, is only part of LG’s long-term view, “We’re not just doing advertising, we’re looking to build an emotional connection, of course advertising plays a role in our marketing, but its not the whole story. For us, our new positioning aims to engage with consumers and help make their life, good.

“We are still growing and experimenting. This partnership is something that is a continuation of innovation in the brand and there’s plenty more to come.”

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