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How Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you achieve success

How Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you achieve success

By Monica Black NLP and Hypnosis training specialist

The first question is probably what is NLP? The creators of it Richard Bandler and John Grinder referred to NLP as, "an attitude, and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques."

The attitude is a 'how do they do that attitude' - or more precisely a 'how can I do that' attitude, and one that is invaluable for success in marketing.

However we all know that without a methodology, attitude won’t get us very far, which is why Bandler and Grinder created ‘modeling’, a NLP term for a precise way of copying where you find someone who is excellent at what they do, ask them questions (elicit information), observe them and adopt what you have learnt very specifically.

To model someone you would look at:

Physiology - what they do with their body
Language - their use of words
Thinking - how they construct their inner reality.

NLP does not claim it is new, however the approach, detail and context in which it was done, had not been seen before and it was these things that have NLP techniques well known in the workplace.

The core purpose of NLP is the application of the technology to human relationships, be that within oneself, another or between groups of individuals 

Neuro - The Nervous System - relating to our functioning as one neuro-physiological system.

Linguistic - relating to our use of language as descriptions of our thoughts, feelings and sensory abilities. Our descriptions of these things are our greatest tool to know about them and therefore make changes to them.

Programming - relating to programs that may be inferred from our behaviour. Our behaviour being representative of our own programs

NLP has a set of 'assumptions' that it makes about the world, they are often referred to as 'the lies'. The word ‘lies’ in the NLP context is used as a consistent reminder that we don't know for certain exactly how things are. However these 'lies' seem to get consistently useful results.

· The Map is not the territory.

· The Meaning of the communication is the response you get.

· The ability to change the process by which we experience reality is often more valuable than changing the content of our experience of reality.

· Our five senses can usefully represent distinctions in how we relate to our environment and our behaviour.

· The resources an individual needs to effect change are already within them.

· The positive worth of the individual is held constant, while the value or appropriateness of behaviour is questioned.

· There is a positive intention motivating every behaviour and a context in which every behaviour has value.

· To be a successful communicator one needs to accept and utilize all communication/behaviour presented to them.

· All results and behaviours are achievements, whether they are desired outcomes for a given task/situation or not.

· There is no such thing as failure only feedback.

NLP is about self-development and change.  Firstly working on yourself so you become the person you really want to be and can be. Then working on yourself in order to help and understand.

The purpose of the meta-model is to assist you in recovering the deep structure (the full linguistic representation) of your perception.

Surface Structure: The 'everyday' sentences that are spoken and written.

Deep Structure: The full (linguistic) representation of these sentences that reveal the sensory maps (conscious and unconscious) that people use to organize and guide their behaviour.

The surface structure (the way that you relate to a perception of experience) is a limited representation of perception - it is not the full picture as it were. With the use of the meta-model we can challenge this limited representation and assist the client in expanding their map.

The basic principle is that if for example someone is in ‘pain’, it is not because 'reality / the world' is not rich enough to fulfill/satisfy their needs, rather it is because their personal representation, their map is impoverished in some way.

Revealing the deep structure by challenging the surface structure allows for an expansion of the map and therefore new ways of meeting their needs.

Having learnt the meta-model you will be able to hear and identify patterns in people’s language. To effect change using the meta-model we have a set of criteria to measure whether sentences are ‘well formed’ or not.

By well formed we are meaning the deep structure has been explored fully in relation to the presented problem (lack of choice).

The criteria for 'well formed' (in relation to the area of the model where client is experiencing no choice) are:

1. The sentence is well formed in English (grammatically correct)

2. Contains no transformational/unexplored deletions

3. Contains no nominalizations

4. Contain no words or phrases lacking referential index

5. Contains no incompletely specified verbs

6. Contain no unexplored presuppositions

7. Contains no semantic (meaning behind the word) violations.

Meta programs are simply ways in which people process information. Learning & understanding meta-programs and matching will allow you to achieve rapport as well as motivate. Making changes to meta-programs can produce profound change. 



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