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Cinema popular and effective

Cinema popular and effective

Cinema is a medium in strong health according to FAME (Film Audience Measurement and Evaluation) research into cinema and its audiences.

The study of audience behaviour carries out by TNS on behalf of the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) shows that 92 per cent of people enjoy going to the cinema, making it the most popular activity compared to other activities both in and out of home.
Advertising is seen by consumers as part of the cinema-going experience, with 34 per cent saying that cinema would be worse without the ads – more than any other medium.

More good news for advertisers is that people at the Cinema are likely to be more receptive to advertising messages than those watching TV or using the Internet as they claim to be more relaxed, engaged and attentive.

A new development in the research is the addition of detailed genre analysis.

Not only does the FAME research track favoured and preferred film genre, but also offers the potential analysis of how both the decision to see the film and actual visit differ, depending on type of genre.

Segmentation carried out by TNS and the CAA means that the Cinema audience can now be split into segments defined by general lifestyle rather than demographic – across the seven cluster groups of ‘Love Life’, ‘Entertainment Hoovers’, ‘Busy & Distracted’, ‘Free & Single’, ‘Homebodies’, ‘Culture Vultures’ and ‘Active Socialites’.

This provides new ways to identify both brand target audiences and film viewing patterns within the Cinema audience.

Other developments in the research include more detailed information on foyer advertising, to reflect the increasing brand presence in foyers that complements on-screen campaigns.

Eight out of ten of cinema-goers tend to notice posters in the foyer whilst two thirds notice standees, showing the huge value of integrated cinema campaigns.

Findings from the research study, now conducted by TNS, are being made available to subscribing media agencies, film distributors and cinema industry bodies.

The online research interviewed 3,000 people over seven years old who have been to the cinema in the last six months.
All questions referred to participants’ last visit to the cinema rather than their ‘usual’ visit as had been the case with FAME’s predecessor CAVIAR.

Encouragingly, for 86 per cent of cinemagoers, their last visit happened to be with the person they usually go with – an insight in itself.

Head Of Research at Pearl & Dean, Jackie Colvin, said, “These findings from the revamped industry research into audience behaviour are incredibly positive.

“FAME shows that not only do consumers still enjoy the cinema experience, but that while there they are very receptive to advertising and brand messages.

She added, “The popularity of combining a trip to the cinema with other purchasing and social activity makes it a powerful and engaging advertising medium that influences almost-immediate brand decisions as well as longer-term buying and brand-building.”

Research Account Director at Carlton Screen Advertising, Chris Hall, went on to say,  “The new FAME research is already proving invaluable for understanding the changing film and Cinema marketplace.
“There is now more thorough investigation possible than ever before on genres, sources of information on film choice and advertising effectiveness combined with new and unique audience segmentation.”
He concluded, “Research from FAME delivers a greater level of accountability of the Cinema medium and understanding of how Cinema fits into people’s busy lives today.
Key FAME research findings:

Enjoying the cinema experience

- Cinema is still the most enjoyed activity out of home, with 92 per cent of respondents enjoying a trip to the cinema, compared to eating out (79 per cent), going to a pub/wine bar (51 per cent), a concert (49 per cent), the theatre (47 per cent), theme park (45 per cent) or watching sport (44 per cent).

- Cinema is still the most enjoyed activity compared to ‘in home’ activities. 92 per cent enjoyed a trip to the cinema, compared to watching TV (90 per cent), surfing the net (79 per cent) or watching DVDs (73 per cent).

- Cinema-goers can be grouped into seven segments – ‘Love Life’, ‘Entertainment Hoovers’, Busy & Distracted’, ‘Free & Single’, ‘Homebodies’, ‘Culture Vultures’ and‘Active Socialites’

Combining cinema-going with other activity

- Three quarters of cinema-goers combine a cinema trip with another activity such as shopping, going to a restaurant or socialising. A third of cinema-goers go for a drink or a meal, and a quarter going shopping for clothes

- A third of respondents who agreed that products advertised in the cinema are more fashionable combine cinema-going with a shopping trip

Advertising at the cinema

- People initially find out about films through advertisements and trailers, with reviews and word of mouth the most popular ways for people to find out more information. Men are most likely to first hear about films through word of mouth

- 35 per cent of respondents believe cinema would be worse without advertising, compared to outdoor (28 per cent), magazines (26 per cent), newspapers (20 per cent), TV (20 per cent), Internet (16 per cent) and radio (11 per cent)

- 20 per cent of respondents pay a lot of attention to adverts in the cinema, compared to TV (12 per cent), magazines (7 per cent), outdoor (6 per cent), Internet (6 per cent), newspapers (4 per cent) and radio (3 per cent)

- 62 per cent of respondents are relaxed while at the cinema, 29 per cent are stimulated, 33 per cent engaged, 37 per cent focused, 38 per cent attentive, 40 per cent happy, 44 per cent excited, with just 6 per cent passive 3 per cent tired, 3 per cent distracted and 1 per cent bored.

Upcoming releases

- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is highly anticipated, with 53 per cent of 15-24 year olds aware of its release.

- An even greater number of 15-24 year olds (60 per cent) intend to see the film when prompted, proving its popular demand

- Some 38 per cent of all over 15s have heard about ‘Oceans’ 13 and 53 per cent of all respondents are aware of ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’

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