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Southern social networkers v Northern gamers

Southern social networkers v Northern gamers

A Kiss Radio poll of over 3,000 people across Britain has uncovered a huge North-South divide in brand loyalty. While the South favour brands in social networking such as Facebook, championed by the likes of Lily Allen, the North has greater loyalty to gaming brands like Xbox and Playstation, played by Northern icons like Wayne Rooney.

The difference in brand loyalty stretches across all areas including clothing, cars, gadgets, technology, fashion and sports, demonstrating that the North-South divide is as strong as ever in the UK.

Gaming v Friends
Xbox and Playstation are cooler than Facebook and Myspace according to Northerners, whilst Southerners disagree and place keeping in contact with friends above computer gaming.

Setting the trends – Lilly Allen and Duffy were made famous by social networking sites, while Northern stars such as Wayne Rooney have highlighted their love for gaming

Sports brands v Fashion labels
Northerners rate brands such as Nike and Adidas as cooler than labels like Top Shop and H&M, whereas Southerners rate the trendier fashion labels above the sports giants.

Setting the trends – Northerner, Coleen Rooney has personalised Nike tracksuits where as southerner, and ultimate style icon, Kate Moss has her own range in Top Shop.

Cars v Gadgets
Southerners place gadget brands such as Blackberry and Sony Walkman as cooler than cars like Audi and BMW. However, this is not a feeling that Northerners share with the car brands being place as far cooler than gadget brands.

Setting the trends – Southerners such as Fat Boy Slim and Ricky Gervais shun expensive motors in favour of the latest gadgets, which is a stark difference to Northern petrol head celebs such as Rowan Atkinson, Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen who care more for their cars than the latest gadgets.

Steve Parkinson, marketing director for Kiss FM expliained the findings, “We were surprised to see what a difference there was between the North and South when it comes to brand choices, especially in the cases of gaming, social networking and fashion.

It’s clear that celebrities have a huge impact on brand perception across the UK with the likes of Coleen Rooney, Kate Moss, football stars and musicians all being heralded as trend setters.”

The brand research is part of a wider Kiss Confidential research project to further understand youth consumers and the Kiss listeners to inform the best advertising solutions and programming content on air, online and on mobile with the Kiss brand.

The research also revealed some interesting findings for men and women.

The survey results revealed that women are turning their backs on fashion and opting for gadgets and gaming brands. Apple, Blackberry, PS3, Sony and Xbox all ranked higher than the majority of fashion brands with only Topshop breaking the monopoly at the top of the cool scale.

The female population of Britain don’t rate cars as cool according to the research with only Audi scrapping into the top 10 of the coolest brands list - Peugeot, Renault, Ford and Fiat all came in the bottom 10.
Women don’t like to talk

Further results revealed that telephone brands such as Virgin Mobile, o2, T Mobile and Orange all ranked as un-cool in the eyes of Britain’s women. Keeping in touch via the Internet and email is far cooler, with Facebook and Blackberry topping the cool list.

Britain’s blokes would much rather spend their time playing on their latest gadget or games consol than keeping in contact via social networking sites according to the results. Both Facebook and Myspace came along way down the cool list in the eyes of men who favour gadget and gaming brands such as PS3, Xbox and Apple.


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