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Unica launches Affinium 7.5

Unica launches Affinium 7.5

New Interactive Marketing solution enables companies to integrate inbound and outbound marketing efforts
Unica Corporation, a leading global provider of enterprise marketing management (EMM) solutions, has introduced a next-generation solution that enables marketers to engage customers and prospects in cross-channel dialogues aimed at improving customer experiences and receptivity to marketing content, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness and customer loyalty.

Unica Interactive Marketing, powered by the Affinium 7.5 product line, enables marketers to move beyond traditional outbound push marketing by leveraging customers’ past and current behaviours to identify the best marketing message to deliver in any channel at any time. Unica Interactive Marketing helps companies address key trends that are transforming marketing, including the pervasive adoption of online channels, the increasing availability of addressable channels, and the growing propensity of buyers to limit their exposure only to the content they value.

According to Gartner’s report, A Checklist for Evaluating an Inbound and Outbound Multichannel Campaign Management Application, published September 2, 2008, “Marketing organisations are shifting investments from mass-marketed, one-channel, one-way, company-driven campaigns to multichannel, two-way, interaction-driven campaigns that are more dialogue-driven, measurable, and able to achieve higher response and conversion rates.

To do this, marketers have become increasingly interested in extending their multi-channel campaign management capabilities from purely outbound campaigns to include inbound marketing in the form of offer management, real-time decisioning and event-triggered marketing.”

The move to interactive marketing requires technology that allows marketers to engage customers on their terms. Unica Interactive Marketing supports four key requirements that are fundamental to helping marketers effectively transition to interactive marketing:

  • Customer awareness: By leveraging each customer's profile, online and offline behavioural history, and present situation, Unica Interactive Marketing identifies actionable customer insights, alerts marketers to potential customer opportunities, and helps predict marketing outcomes.
  • Centralised decisioning: Unica Interactive Marketing enables marketing organisations to identify the best potential marketing message, optimise communications over time, and coordinate outbound and inbound marketing messages within a centralised decisioning hub. Only with this capability can marketers truly create the corporate memory required to engage customers in a dialogue over time. Core to these decisioning capabilities is the new release of Affiniu Campaign Interact, which provides marketers with the ability to present the right offer in real-time in any inbound channel.
  • Cross-channel execution: Unica Interactive Marketing enables seamless cross-channel -- inbound and outbound, online and offline -- execution and provides consistent customer experiences across all channels.
  • Integrated marketing operations:  Effective interactive marketing has many moving parts and requires collaboration across many disparate marketing groups. Unica Interactive Marketing eases these challenges with tools that support collaboration and facilitate cross-channel planning, design, execution, and measurement.

“For the past decade, ING has been one of Europe’s most advanced direct marketing banks. We are now taking the next step, where we execute highly individualised marketing campaigns that run across all of our inbound and outbound channels, such as our call centres, branches and web sites,” said Martin de Lusenet, program manager, Customer Intelligence at ING.

“As marketing channels continue their rapid evolution, marketing practices are evolving as well. We’re excited about Unica Interactive Marketing; it allows ING to comprehensively achieve our vision.”

“Marketers know that they must move their communications beyond pure push marketing. To be successful, they need technologies that can help them effectively interact with their customers. The days of old style campaign management are gone. Today’s marketing solutions must support inbound and outbound interactions in which each marketing action builds on response to previous actions. Unica offers the most comprehensive solution to help marketers address these challenges on the market today,” said Elana Anderson, vice president of product marketing and strategy at Unica.

“Unica is the only marketing software provider with the technology and experience to enable the transition to interactive marketing.”

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