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How to get results that measure up

How to get results that measure up

By Tsafrir Peles, co-CEO DSNR Media Group.
Online advertising has evolved to the point where every single impression, click, or registration carries with it a world of meaning. From the very basic information it relays, to the leads it generates… they are key to bringing advertisers and publishers closer to their ROI objectives.
This integrated results-based approach is derived from the need of online advertisers (and publishers alike) to squeeze every possible benefit from every dollar spent – quickly and intelligently. In order to optimize advertising campaigns and achieve ambitious ROI goals, advertisers must have access to real-time feedback, measurement and instant analysis of all their online marketing activities.
The concept is a comprehensive one, and is a constant work in process. In the midst of a campaign, we evaluate and measure it from beginning to end. If the value chain is built this way, we can measure and evaluate how creative banners at the beginning of the process affect the value at the end of the value chain – all the way to a final conversion – or even farther along, at an up-sell opportunity.
Define the road to meaningful results

Integrated result-based online advertising focuses on the target audience. But beyond understanding consumer needs, demographics, purchasing patterns and more, the integrated results-based approach takes us further. The approach is based on the fundamental understanding and definition of the real value that this customer, lead or click represents.

That means setting a realistic “price tag” on the desired result, or conversion, whatever it may be – a new lead, customer, sale, click, or registration. At the same time, we must bear in mind that this price tag, derived from the true customer value, varies across geographical regions, market segments, media types and even promotional offers.
Measure to optimise the process

While the results-based information is valuable in and of itself, it is really only part of the story. The trick is to be able to optimise campaigns intelligently based on real-time feedback gleaned from the data collected at each stage of the online advertising process (the value chain).

That means measuring and analyzing each and every component of the conversion process on-the-fly and applying sensitivity analysis to fine tune the matrix as we go along. Measuring the parameters puts value on every single element of the campaign, allowing you to make intelligent, sound decisions targeted at ROI objectives throughout the entire process.
This means building a value chain that is optimized through constant analysis and fine-tuning, and measuring it throughout the creative and placement of banners, landing pages. This way, we learn and build value every step of the way – all the way to the up sell opportunity of the call center agent.
The focus on measurement, and understanding that everything is, and should be, measured, makes the integrated results-based approach so much more powerful than conventional online advertising models.

The optimisation process is based completely on the measurable results received from across all the different advertising platforms, on the different processes that make up the conversion value chain – starting with clicks, leads, registrations and even offline upgrades and up sell opportunities.

This way, every advertising dollar is optimized intelligently. So before, during and, of course, after the campaign, advertisers have a real handle on the value of every conversion and know how much revenue in specific market segments can be attributed to the campaign. Armed with that, ROI objectives are clearly in sight.
Real added value comes with integration

Despite all the benefits of robust information-gathering, results-based online advertising is only as good as the breadth of the online tools available, and how they are leveraged together. When we integrate, as well as optimize, the entire range of online advertising platforms and tools at our disposal we begin to reap the true value of the online campaign.

This means combining data from all advertising platforms: SEM, Banner ads and emails to shorten the learning curve and build value faster. With this dynamic monitoring, analysis and optimization, advertisers and publishers gain new insight into all their online advertising activities. Knowledge gained from any one platform is immediately made available to ongoing campaigns on other platforms and rapidly optimized to guarantee continuously improved results.

The final frontier: integration with CRM

With full integration with existing CRM system, the campaign comes full circle to become a sophisticated marketing tool that enables targeting market segments, such as discounts to first-time buyers, as well as opening a plethora of cross-sell opportunities. The result: total control of the sales cycle – from the very first impression all the way to the desired conversion. Control that is always focused on positive ROI.
With integrated results-based online solutions, you can get ROI in focus from the very beginning. It’s time to make online advertising accountable for every advertising dollar spent. So you can see the benefits directly in the bottom line.

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