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Yahoo!’s top 10 tips for mobile marketers

Yahoo!’s top 10 tips for mobile marketers

Despite the saturation of mobile phones in the UK market, a recent survey from customer insight specialist G2 Data Dynamics, revealed that most people take a dim view to the concept of mobile marketing.

However, 51 per cent of mobile phone users in the UK are now receiving marketing messages via their mobile phones and nine per cent of consumers are more receptive to mobile marketing than they were five years ago.

The advertising medium is becoming increasingly popular for brands with the introduction of video handsets such as the iPhone and Nokia’s N9 series.  

Here are Yahoo!’s top ten tips for reaching consumers via mobile marketing:

1. Keep It Simple

In mobile, less is more. Inherent limitations of mobile (typing, navigation, latency) require that mobile web sites make it easy to find information that users are looking for. The call-to-action needs to be obvious, simple, and capable of being fulfilled from a mobile device.

2. Embrace the Medium

Mobile users are on-the-go. They use the mobile web to communicate, because they are bored, or because they are looking for specific information, quickly. Use mobile to address these needs.

3. Remember the Audience

Mobile demographics skew towards the young adult, but there are plenty of business travelers as well. Build campaigns that appeal to the correct audience.

4. Integrate Mobile Into Your Overall Marketing

Maximize your mobile investment by integrating with your non-mobile (PC, print, and other) campaigns.  

5. Have Realistic Expectations

Though it’s growing quickly, mobile internet usage is still emerging. Approach mobile marketing as an opportunity to learn about the medium and have a headstart on your competition for when mobile becomes mainstream.

6. Create Effective Mobile Ads

It’s important to develop ad creative specifically for the mobile user. Brands should think through the messaging they’d like to deliver into the smaller ad unit, whether that be a text link, banner or video.

7. Make use of the phone’s interactive functions

Whatever interactive functions exist on the phone, video, GPS, pictures, MMS, SMS, Internet, gaming, voice, and radio etc can be incorporated into mobile advertising campaigns. Ask consumers to send in a favourite picture for a competition, beat a top score on a game, text in their location to win a prize…there is no limit to how far the consumer can be engaged

8. Test and Refresh the Creative

As in any other medium, try and refresh the creative as often as feasible or your budget will allow – at least once fortnightly is the rule of thumb.

9. Keep Things Clear

Those brands who have the clearest objectives are the ones who, in most cases, will achieve the greatest success.

10. Measure your campaign

Ensure you track the results of your mobile web site to measure your ROI. Simply porting a PC-based solution is insufficient so be sure to confirm your provider can track mobile users and actions.

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