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Customer service vital

Customer service vital

Customer service is the most important influencer in choosing which pharmacy to shop at for non-medical purchases than any other.

That’s according to a survey conducted by UK customer evaluation company Retail Eyes.

When asked whether they buy medicines as a precautionary measure, 63.3 per cent of respondents stated no.  Males were less likely to do so at 66.8 per cent, whereas 61.8 per cent of females do not buy them as a precaution. Sixteen to 30-year-olds were least likely to make precautionary purchases, closely followed by 61+ year olds. Thirty-one to 45-year-olds were most likely to at 39.7 per cent.

Product packaging was the biggest influencer when deciding which brand of non-prescriptive medication to purchase for 48.4 per cent of respondents.  Interestingly perceived strength had the lowest response with only 2.8 per cent of respondents choosing this. 

Advertising was the biggest influencer for 24.9 per cent, while 13.9 per cent made decisions based on brand, 10.4 per cent based on price and 4 per cent on a friend's recommendation.

More respondents chose their chemist to dispense their prescription medicines based on its nearness to their Doctor's surgery than any other location at 41.9 per cent, and 37.4 per cent chose the chemist closest to their home.

 If a repeat prescription was required, then 29 per cent of respondents did not necessarily use the same chemist, though those 61+ years old are more likely to.

When purchasing non-prescription items, 57.5 per cent of respondents sought advice on their ailment. 52.3 per cent of 16-30 year olds sought advice, compared to 61 per cent of 31-45 year olds, 58.6 per cent of 46-60 year olds and 63 per cent of 61+ year olds.  Females were more likely to ask for advice - 61.1 per cent, compared to 48.5 per cent of men.

Ninety-five per cent of those respondents who sought advice had enough confidence in the advice they received to make a purchase. 3.9 per cent did not have confidence in the advice but purchased anyway, leaving 1.1 per cent of respondents who did not have confidence and therefore did not purchase

More than half of respondents visit the Chemist to purchase non-medical items at 56.1 per cent.  Women were more likely to, at 60.5 per cent of respondents, compared to 45.8 per cent of men.

For 46-60 year olds, 60.9 per cent made non-medical purchases, the greatest proportion of the age brackets, 54 per cent of those respondents aged 61 and over made non-medical purchases, the lowest proportion of the age brackets.

The Retail Eyes survey was conducted 24-27 November 2006, and surveyed 2,541 UK residents aged 16 to 80.

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