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Doritos User-Generated Advert campaign

Doritos User-Generated Advert campaign

Best practice from OMD UK


Doritos’ core 16-24 target felt the brand had lost the bold, distinctive edge they had held affinity with. OMD UK were challenged with turning their apathy into advocacy. They seized a huge opportunity to reignite consumers’ passion behind Doritos.

In the US, the ‘Crash the Superbowl’ campaign had set the bar high for the UK. With a brand identity firmly established in the marketplace, their campaign was all about making both the consumer and brand famous. OMD UK’s challenge was to inspire participation, create conversation and rebuild a brand identity. It would take a finely tuned strategy and media campaign.

The Big Idea

A new media and creative agency – The Consumer

OMD UK’s idea was to fuel consumers’ creativity by giving them the reins to the brand. Giving them the chance to make the ad and the tools to champion their ideas amongst the wider Doritos audience, they made the consumer the author of the brand.

The campaign started small and built organically, challenging category norms. Firstly OMD UK targeted the influencers who decree what is ‘credible’ to the youth audience and got them to light the fuse of creativity. These were people with a genuine passion for art, film and design.#

They used what they created to inspire the masses to take part. From here they gave people the tools and opportunity to get involved, to have their say, to decide as a community what Doritos’ communications would be like. And they would see this brought to life on air, online and beyond, an identity owned, talked about and championed by the consumers themselves.

Making it Happen

OMD UK’s strategy was delivered in four stages;

1. Getting Creative

Starting with their influencers, OMD UK invited involvement through media specific to them; the Creative Press, websites like freewebs and pagii, and direct mail sent to art and design students.

The creative community quickly generated a buzz around the campaign. As the first wave of films began to populate the microsite, debate ignited across the Doritos YouTube channel and Facebook brand page, as well as in blogs and user profile pages. With buzz amongst the Creative and wider community swelling, and the lure of weekly prizes, entries started to flood in.  

2. Wider participation

Having won over the influencers, OMD UK invested in a heavier online presence with YouTube, videoegg, and MySpace, pulling a broader community in to the campaign.  With the wider audience now connected to and inspired by their influencers, participation levels went through the roof.

3. Voting phase

Crucially, OMD UK needed the excitement to infect the whole Doritos audience, not just those making an entry. Using their mounting entries, they ensured that the full target was talking about and involved in the campaign.

We invited consumers to determine the winning ad by voting for their favourite, reaching out to them in their online communities. Across Facebook, email, yahoomail, msn and mobile platforms, all chosen to maximise involvement and fuel debate, Doritos became a big discussion topic.

4. The winner.

Taking engagement to new heights, finalists created their own Doritos blogs, Facebook pages and local PR campaigns to win vital votes to try and grab the £20k prize plus a media first - a chance to have their ad broadcast into space! After a week of voting, they had a winner.

The ad the consumers chose to represent the brand was aired in key 16-24 programming on C4, thus recognising not just the winner, but the involvement of the whole target.

OMD UK’s approach had been to rebuild the brand by making the consumer the author, and this author the spokesperson. It worked. With the consumer at the helm their approach delivered outstanding results.


Given that the US campaign delivered 1,100 ad entries, OMD UK had been tasked with delivering 200. Incredibly they went on to smash their target, delivering a massive 1,300 ad entries. With 890,000 views, the campaign became the second most viewed YouTube sponsor channel ever, and the third most highly subscribed sponsor channel of all time.

They generated 12,000 fans on Facebook and in deciding the winner amassed a remarkable 10,400 votes in just two weeks. 

The total effect of this to the bottom line was a huge 15% uplift in sales year to date vs 2007. It was an approach that delivered results that were quite literally out of this world.

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