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How to get a pay rise

How to get a pay rise

Choosing the right time to broach the subject is crucial. Most companies now have a formal salary review period or an appraisal schedule when performance and rewards can be discussed together. These are good times to ask.

It is important that your build your case. Gather reliable market information on how much a similar job is paid in a comparable organisation and match it with your own skills.

Then list your key skills that benefit the company, highlighting the expertise you have that others may not possess. This will demonstrate your unique value. Next, write everything down.

Keep a written record of your performance and achievements in your current role. People, particularly management, tend to forget successes and remember failures.

If you are 'top dog' in your field, make sure the boss knows it. Lastly, never threaten to walk if you don't get what you want. Your boss might just call your bluff and let you go. However, if you follow the steps above and make sure your superiors are clear on your performance, they are more likely to give you that rise rather than see you move elsewhere.

How to get promoted and how to acquire the skills to get you there

Ask yourself the famed Gauguin questions: "Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?" In other words give yourself a reference point and from there, you'll know where you want to go.

Identify the strengths that have got you to where you are, and work out how to develop these to get to the next stage. Similarly, identify your weaknesses and address them accordingly.

Working a training programme into your package will help you grow. Be sure to know precisely where you want to go. Roadmap every stage of your career. Just saying you want a promotion is not good enough. Be clear on your next position and then develop a plan to achieve that objective. Ensure that the plan includes conducting yourself with unswerving pride, passion and self-belief.

Promotion doesn't happen overnight – it is a gradual, slow-burning process. In every working day you should actively seek new challenges and overcome them, know your part and play your part, be a team player and focus on doing your best every day. Finally, work 'upwards'. If all you do is enough to fulfil your current role, that's where you'll stay. Demonstrate capabilities beyond your current position.

How to get a better job

Like time, careers wait for no man (or woman). The perfect job won't come looking for you. Seek out that better position, do your research so you know what's out there and make sure you provide a full brief to a professional consultant who will be able to tell everyone that you're on the lookout.

Seek advice about your skill-set, experience and fit within a company from professionals. Specialist recruitment consultants are best placed to advise you on your CV, interview technique and can give you the inside story about the job/company you are interested in.

Remember, while you might be meeting a company or individual for the first time, recruitment consultants have established relationships and thus can provide tips that could make you stand out above the rest. By using a specialist recruitment consultancy that is dedicated to knowing your industry i.e. marketing, PR, creative etc you will find the best jobs around.

After all why would a marketing agency or company ask an accountancy recruiter to find them a good marketer? By using the expertise of a recruitment consultant you stand a better chance of appearing positive and knowledgeable in an interview, and landing that dream job!


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