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Case Studies


‘Stick on the Stilton’ PR Campaign

‘Stick on the Stilton’ PR Campaign

This May to June 2006 campaign from Brazen PR saw a ROI of 1:230 for their client.


Everybody loves Stilton at Christmas – but the cows don’t stop producing the stuff come January! Consumers perceive continental brands like Roquefort and Danish Blue as sexier and easier to eat than Blue Stilton (TNS 2005 report)

No advertising support for the brand - 2006 profile for Blue Stilton rests entirely on PR and website


Brazen’s overall PR strategy for 2006 is ‘Stick on the stilton’ – needed to kickstart campaign awareness with a big news idea

Create a big noise to get Stilton talked about outside of Christmas period

Remove the Stilton ‘fear factor’ and encourage people to use Stilton in everyday meals

Drive traffic to Stilton website - main point of contact for consumers

Increase trade interest and overseas stockists

Planning and research

Website traffic data showed second most popular section (after ‘History of Stilton’) was ‘Leftover Stilton’ – people don’t know what to do with it

Poll of visitors to Stilton website revealed top recognisable elements of Stilton cheese are: 1. Smell 2. Blue colour  3. Strong taste

Needed strong, single message campaign to encourage simple usage trial by people claiming not to like it ‘neat’.


‘Stick on the Stilton’! - Encourage consumers to try Stilton by sticking it on – all over!

Implementation and creative input

Bespoke logo created by Brazen for use across campaign  - Instant recognition of cut round of Stilton cheese with strapline and website address

Stilton perfume - Stilton’s distinct aroma essential to grading of the cheese - enables the grader to determine whether the cheese is up to the mark

Brazen created Stilton perfume – Eau de Stilton - to establish focus and launch for ‘Stick on the Stilton’ campaign

Commissioned Manchester perfumier ID Aromatics to create essential oil blend that emulated earthy and fruity aroma of Blue Stilton in a wearable perfume.

Eau de Stilton features natural base notes found in Stilton - Yarrow, Angelica seed, Clary Sage and Valerian.

Produced 300 15ml sample bottles of the perfume oil – in ‘Stick on the Stilton’ branded bottles

Created commercial image of Eau de Stilton in glass perfume bottle

‘Stick on the Stilton’ - Celebrity

Chanel had just appointed Keira Knightley to be the face of Coco Mademoiselle.

With no celebrity budget we approached Cat Deeley who hails from the Midlands (Stilton only produced in the Midlands) to be the face of the perfume.

Included news of our approach to her in the news release

‘Stick on the Stilton’ – The Reveal

Eau de Stilton news release: issued to all news, food, features, diary, celebrity and press agencies

Eau de Stilton perfume samples: branded samples issued to 200 key news media with release; samples and release also issued to buyers in key supermarkets; 100 samples held in reserve for media requests; 20 chrome atomisers branded for issue to TV

Eau de Stilton hampers: picnic hampers containing perfume sample, Stilton cheese, crackers and ‘Stick on the Stilton’ usage fliers issued to key TV and radio shows to generate talk up

Stilton diary briefings: all dairies received samples, full brief and campaign timetable from Brazen to equip them to handle direct calls from media

‘Stick on the Stilton’ – Support Material

Photography – four ‘Stick on the Stilton’ images created for campaign – Stick it on a pizza, on a burger, on a sandwich and on a baked potato.

Beer Mats – created four beer mat creatives, each featuring ‘Stick on the Stilton’ image and logo.  20,000 mats created and distributed in bars and pubs across the UK

Flier – featuring four usage images

Press paper – bespoke ‘Stick on the Stilton’ paper produced

Email –  email address set up to manage and track campaign queries – 


Campaign PR Fees: £10k (£2.5k pm March – June 06)
Printed materials: £4k
Perfume production: £1k

The Results

Media Coverage

In May/ June 06 alone the coverage value for the ‘Stick on the Stilton’ campaign was over £1.5million – a ROI of 1:230

Over 80 per cent of media coverage featured the Stilton URL –

High proportion of media coverage mentioned fact that Eau de Stilton was created to launch the ‘Stick on the Stilton’ campaign

16 x National Newspaper
6 x TV
41 x Regional Newspapers
38 x  Radio
7 x Trade Media
42 x Websites

Total coverage value of £1,543,827
Reaching an audience of 75 million

Coverage highlights included:
- This Morning, ITV – news item and ‘smell test’ of Eau de Stilton in outside broadcast
- BBC – Eau de Stilton news item on homepage
- BBC Radio – included in rolling hourly news bulletins on BBC Radio 1, 2, 4 and 5
- BBC News 24 – live broadcast from the Cropwell Bishop Stilton dairy
- Daily Star – full page news story about the campaign
- The Observer – diary item two weeks running re the SCMA approach to Cat Deeley
- Marketing magazine – full page editorial commending the perfume as a campaign launch idea
- Voted a HIT in PR Week HIT OR MISS column

Sales/ Trade Impact

Fortnum & Mason and ASDA have approached Brazen to stock Stilton perfume and cheese packs as a novelty item

Sales of Blue Stilton rose by 11.6 per cent in May 2006 compared to May 2005 – an additional 37 tonnes of product sold, which SCMA secretary Nigel White directly attributes to PR activity

Brazen received over 200 consumer email requests to buy perfume (see samples)

Also received over 100 overseas media requests for information/ samples – from Swedish ELLE to Australian ABC Television (see samples)

Twelve new overseas food stores contacted Brazen re the campaign - now working with Stilton dairies to supply product to Australia, Austria, Spain and the US.

We are currently developing a commercially available product with ID Aromatics and looking at developing  range further – Stilton soap, Stilon aftershave etc.  Profits generated by this commercial venture will be added to SCMA PR budget for 2007.


Major campaign objective was driving traffic to Stilton website.

Hits to the Stilton website more than doubled in period following the ‘Stick on the Stilton’ campaign launch.

In April 2006 there were 156,016 total hits on the Stilton cheese website. In May 2006 (month of the ‘Stick on the Stilton’ campaign) the site recorded an unprecedented 343,763 hits (see Iconography web trafic report).

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