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Corney and Barrow mobile voucher campaign

Corney and Barrow mobile voucher campaign


London wine bar group Corney & Barrow launched its first mobile voucher service in partnership with Eagle Eye Solutions, world leader in mobile voucher and redemption, back in 2005.

The ‘Buy Me a Drink’ scheme which is still hugely popular , allows customers  to pre-order drinks for a friend or colleague from the Corney & Barrow website and send proof of purchase to their mobile phone as an SMS voucher which can be redeemed at the bar.


Earlier this year, when Corney & Barrow made the decision to stock a new brand of lager from New Zealand called Monteith’s., it approached Eagle Eye Solutions to explore how mobile voucher technology might be used as part of a promotional campaign, to raise awareness of Monteith’s and get its customers drinking the lager.

Whilst simply handing out free bottles of Monteith’s would give customers the chance to sample the beer, there would be no way of C&B actually tracking who had taken part. Plus, without capturing participants’ details there would be no way of informing them about future promotions.

Strategy and Implementation

Therefore tracking was the main challenge any promotional campaign had to overcome, with the ideal solution needing to provide real time tracking of the marketing message through to end purchase, without the need of any traditional paper media.

To introduce Monteith’s to its customers, C&B sent out a promotional email to its customer database, in a promotion entitled ‘Experience the real taste of New Zealand’. The email featured a promotional panel offering the chance to receive a free bucket of six Monteith’s lagers. Consumer had to click through to a data capture page, entering their mobile number and filling in some profiling questions.

This then linked through to a page that told them to text beer to 60030 to get their complimentary Monteiths. People who texted in were sent a mobile voucher – a unique 8 digit numeric code – as an SMS to their mobile phones and instructed to go into any Corney & Barrow to redeem the voucher via the EES voucher redemption platform that sits on the Corney & Barrow EPOS. 

EES Mobile Voucher Redemption System (MVRS) easily integrates with any EPOS, providing real time reporting and tracking of all voucher campaigns.  C&B staff simply type the eight digit code into the till to validate the voucher.


The results of the campaign were staggering, with a massive 38% of those who received the mobile vouchers going on to redeem them in one of C&B’s bars.  A redemption rate of 38% is huge, but moreover, the promotion enabled C&B to capture data and track the progress of the campaign at every stage.

Firstly, the campaign captured valuable customer data from the initial email as those who wished to enter the promotion had to enter their details to do so.  Next EES’ mobile voucher technology tracked each mobile number which text in for a chance to win.   As customers redeemed their vouchers, C&B was provided with real time data on those customers which really respond well to a promotion of this nature.

This was a great piece of promotional activity made easy, interactive and fun to engage with and to redeem for the Corney & Barrow audience. Monteiths were delighted with the sampling opportunity and that EES achieved such a high sampling rate, whilst C&B enjoyed the increased footfall in its bars and restaurants during the promotional period.

EES will now follow a strategy of using the promotional redemption data on the C&B customers to drive the trial of Monteith’s achieved via this promotion, into ongoing purchase – via additional SMS voucher offers (timed to meet certain key usage periods) and then once an ongoing engagement has been created, the objective will be to turn regular purchasers into advocates, recommending friends to receive trail vouchers.

Marketing Director of Corney & Barrow, Tristram Hillier, said, “Eagle Eye developed an innovative mobile voucher campaign for us that integrated with our retail technology in a way that is easy, interactive, engaging and fun for our customers.

“We are very pleased with the volumes that were being driven into our bars and restaurants over the promotional period and Montheiths were delighted with the sampling opportunity we could offer and the very high sampling rate achieved.”

Chief Technology Officer of Eagle Eye Solutions, Steve Rothwell, added: “This mobile voucher promotional campaign was designed to introduce a new beer brand to a highly brand-conscious and affluent audience.

"It also demonstrates how a cross platform digital marketing using the mobile phone as a redemption tool actually drives customers into traditional retail outlets.”
He concluded, “We will continue to work with C&B in developing a strategy of using the promotional redemption data to drive ongoing purchases of Montheiths. This will include additional SMS vouchers timed to meet key usage periods.

"Once an on-going engagement with the customer is achieved, the objective is to turn regular purchasers into advocates of the brand, recommending friends to receive trial vouchers.”

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