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Our mission? To fuel your passion for marketing in a number of ways. How? By keeping you constantly updated with what's going on in the industry; by challenging you with the latest analysis; by covering emerging trends in the industry; and by presenting case studies to inspire you. It's all achieved via our websites and our marketing training - and fired by our commitment.

We're immensely proud of the fact that is the UK‘s leading marketing website dedicated to client-side marketers, with 140,000 unique monthly users, and rising. And that's why you’ll find a much broader and insightful range of content than in the traditional trade press. We're also renowned for our unique digital and marketing training programs that we create in the UK and overseas for leading agencies and clients. Fact is, as acknowledged leaders, we train hundreds of marketers all around the world every month. We think globally but act personally. It's just our way.

At the helm of The Knowledge Engineers is Niall McKinney a well-known figure in the marketing industry, having won various marketing awards throughout his career. Noticing a gap in the market for an online knowledge hub dedicated to client-side marketers, together with a hugely talented 'crew' of marketing professionals, he launched in 2007. And that's where the voyage of bringing informative, inspirational and insightful knowledge to 'serious' marketers, via our website and our marketing training, began.

We fully realise that, today, successful marketing is not just based on good ideas. It's also based on sound knowledge. That's why we’ve built The Knowledge Engineers on three key principles: to be useful, inspiring and entertaining. We simply wouldn't have it any other way.

So, if you’re serious about dialling into the digital revolution, do what so many world-leading companies have done, and get in touch for a free consultation. We'd love to inspire you too.

The Knowledge Engineers

Businesses are being disrupted at an exponential pace by technology. The role of employees and the knowledge they need is changing rapidly. While information is more readily accessible than ever, is your organisation turning data into knowledge?

Having the right knowledge and know-how, distributed to the right people in your organisation, makes the difference between being a leader and a laggard. In the 21st century, knowledge really is power.

The Knowledge Engineers help to create strategic digital programs that give your employees the knowledge they need. We believe that building your employees digital capability requires a long-term approach very different to traditional training approaches. Using innovative techniques and platforms, what we do is closer to engineering.

If your company is experiencing digital disruption, and you want to make sure your people have the knowledge they need, we can help you.

The Knowledge Engineers also publishes - the world’s most powerful source for trends in marketing and technology and the Digital Knowledge Centre, the leading online learning platform for digital skills.